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  1. LUBr LuvR

    GA Lots of Bronco parts

    PM sent on window tracks and felts, rubber seals
  2. LUBr LuvR

    GIVEAWAY ClassicBroncos.com Giveaway! - Duffs - Modern Door Checks - 2 winners! - Ends 10/8/22

    Beats the heck out of a rolled up t-shirt or towel, Product looks like a winner!
  3. LUBr LuvR

    First Drive, 74 Coyote Ranger

    BPP (Bronco Powerplant Porn). Bet you just go out in the garage, look at it, pop the hood and look some more. Next thing you know you lost an hour somewhere😂
  4. LUBr LuvR

    Duffy's 77 Build Thread- Restomod, daily, re-uncut

    Sure is! Think that’s the best looking of the retro/updated clusters. Looks great.
  5. LUBr LuvR

    Aldi door mat

    Figure I’ll probably do the same. Just wish the two mats were made the same way. The Aldi mat was just $1.00 more.......
  6. LUBr LuvR

    Aldi door mat

    PSA…..agree, the blue one does look good - but is very thin and much lighter than the yellow version. The blue mat should be OK if your neighbor likes Broncos. One decent gust of wind and they’ll have it. If they like you, they just may bring it back 😂
  7. LUBr LuvR

    Vintage Racing Bronco Rescue

    I love it when great things happen to good folks! Can’t think of a better outcome for these rigs. Big Congrats and looking forward to more chapters in this story!!
  8. LUBr LuvR

    Aldi door mat

    Dang, how’d you manage to get a blue one minus the gnome driving on the wrong side? Is that an east coast/west coast thing?? 😂 Well, now I guess I’ve got to go to Big Lots......
  9. LUBr LuvR

    Pebbles: 1 Family Mostly Stock 68 Build

    Just getting warmed up…..and many more miles to go!
  10. LUBr LuvR

    I’m nuts!! ‘73 Build thread

    Thanks, really appreciate the info. Have a top with a light coat of PO bedliner in and out - but didn’t want to try anything too aggressive. This sounds very promising. Just got back from a trip to town, but will pick it up the next time and do a test patch.
  11. LUBr LuvR

    I’m nuts!! ‘73 Build thread

    Might want to trace the lines and see if the system is still hooked up/intact? If it’s working right, you won’t really notice the job it’s doing. Some folks take them out and regret comes in the form of gas fumes.
  12. LUBr LuvR

    I’m nuts!! ‘73 Build thread

    Quick question, since you saw the truck this product was being used on - what did it do to the paint beneath the liner? Thanks, end of hijack!
  13. LUBr LuvR

    Pebbles: 1 Family Mostly Stock 68 Build

    Great shots, beautiful rig. Enjoy the time behind the wheel, you sure earned it! I think your Grandpa is probably looking down wearing a huge grin......
  14. LUBr LuvR

    Frozen H block tip

    Anyone know the thread sizes on the male/female fitting used to attach the grease gun? Can always bring along the H-block and tip from the grease gun.
  15. LUBr LuvR

    Aldi door mat

    Was already headed there today after work - great timing on this post, thanks!
  16. LUBr LuvR

    '72 Bronco project (Cypress, Tx)

    Looks great out in the light of day😍 Gary appears to be very happy in there.....between your daughter and husband you might need to hide the keys to retain possession after all your hard work!
  17. LUBr LuvR

    Aux plastic tank hole repair

    All good ideas, appreciate the suggestions. Tulsa76bronco, that’s a very generous offer. It’s certainly PDQ’s place to call dibs, since it’s their thread I hijacked. Please let me know if they don’t take you up on it.
  18. LUBr LuvR

    Led headlights

    Looks like the sale already ended☹. Just checked it again looking to order and they’re back up to $147.72 each☹️
  19. LUBr LuvR

    Aux plastic tank hole repair

    PDQ, perfect timing on this thread.....and ditto on the “asking for a friend”, lol. Also pulled the aux tank last weekend. Want to go thru the fuel system as the truck sometime runs a bit rough after fueling. As soon as it was out, noticed the screws used to hold down the carpet retainer...