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  1. NickMcAFP

    Engine/Carb rebuild

    Having my stock 302 rebuilt and I'm weighing swapping in something like the Edelbrock preformer cam. I've read about the timing and I've seen threads about recurving the distributor (which I'm still slightly confused about).. with these potential changes, are there any changes that would need to...
  2. NickMcAFP


    This is less of a question and more of an invitation for discussion. I have no gauge of what horsepower means. I understand what it IS but it isn't something I can imagine in my head. I have never driven a Bronco. My Bronco was handed down to me non-drivable. 90% of my experience driving...
  3. NickMcAFP

    Question for those with Dennis Carpenter quarters

    For those who made the switch from cut quarters to the flared DC quarters; was there any noticable changes in clearance? Are the openings comparable?
  4. NickMcAFP

    Help! I'm overthinking tire sizes!

    I'm in a mental death spiral over tire sizing. Over the past year I've really come to terms with what I want vs what I need out of my build and it is causing me to question the automatic tire choice I made at the beginning of this journey. Quick overview: My father passed a year ago and left...
  5. NickMcAFP

    Need guidance

    I know these topics have been beat to death but I'm a little overwhelmed and could use what probably amounts to a reality check. My father passed away earlier this year leaving me a 1975 Bronco that has been sitting since 1997 after a minor car accident. being 9 years old at the time I...