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  1. spap

    Birthday Bronco

    Needs a lift. Very cool. haaa
  2. spap

    BAT Craziness

    keep it I regret selling my 74 gtv and miss it I had fully built 78 sport sedan,in high school it was fun playing with camaro s in the 1980s s
  3. spap

    Towing advice - towing a rolling chassis with a stock EB

    Tow Dolley. They are cheap
  4. spap

    Autobody guys or dent removal specialists, how do I fix this?

    I was thinking heat also, the metal will have some memory
  5. spap

    Vintage Racing Bronco Rescue

    Those are great pics, so cool to see. how far is big hoss‘s wheel base stretched, so glad it went to you guys
  6. spap

    Vortech supercharger on Explorer 5.0

    Google salleen explorer xp8,
  7. spap

    Turbo mufflers

    It’s amazing what you like in your 20s compared what you like in your 50s.
  8. spap

    Turbo mufflers

    I have a borla single 2.5 in 2.5 out and it’s pretty quiet, it was actually too quiet but after about a year got just right
  9. spap

    No idea what I'm doing.. but excited!

    What has been said, it’s ok to be ugly for awhile, brakes, starting, running and turning. tackle one at a time
  10. spap

    Boat motor

    Maybe different tolerances due to forged internals, it’s amazing what torture boat motors live through. I have a fuel injected 454 mag in my eliminator , thing can run at 4800-5200 for Extended periods and it’s 20 years old.
  11. spap

    BAT Craziness

    I saw that, wasn’t sure what the big attraction was, maybe the rainbow engine compartment
  12. spap

    Anybody using this AC kit style? “Knee knocker” under dash units

    63 bucks with the heater too is a good deal the one I good looks decent not Super cheap, I started just trying to find a evaporative core to build. stupid me I threw away the original one but it was thrashed but fit, the stock one might be the ticket above
  13. spap

    Anybody using this AC kit style? “Knee knocker” under dash units

    I do have the stock 77 302 dealer installed engine bracket and compressor , if anyone is interested
  14. spap

    Anybody using this AC kit style? “Knee knocker” under dash units

    just started this and it will take some time to finish , depth and width are the problems they make a mini one out there but it has bad reviews, I bought the cheapest one one Amazon’s 68 bucks 10 bucks shipping and I’m going to try to make a new case for it. With smaller dementions , I took it...
  15. spap

    Heater Valve location

    You have a heater cable from inside the truck. Hook that up to the heater valve and the will determine where on the hone inlet side to the heater where you valve will go.
  16. spap

    PSA...... Any of you near a Rural King............

    I have no clue either, haaa
  17. spap

    BAT Craziness

    Or a Raptor R
  18. spap

    4R70W filling Transfer case with ATF

    I had a c4 that leaked into the Dana 20, and I never seen a transfer case so clean on the inside afterwords.
  19. spap

    Highline Classics Build - So Nice I Did It Twice

    it will look great with top on too so cool