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  1. MarsChariot

    Need opinion on which LED headlight upgrade is the best?

    !@#$%^! Looks like it Speaker headlights now. Not what I was planning on. Expensive for one. Odd looking for another. I can live with the second, but have to justify the first.
  2. MarsChariot

    2022 KSM Christmas Bronco Gift Tags

    I think that I will send this over to my wife along with my Bronco wish list! Thanks for putting this out there. And Happy Holidays to you.
  3. MarsChariot

    Bronco Christmas Ornament

    Funny, I have one of those sitting on top of a nuts and bolts bin in my garage. It's red though, of course. Have had it for more years than I can remember. Now are you gonna give us a link to the video?!
  4. MarsChariot

    5/16 nylon or 3/8 rubber fuel line?

    Same here. I went with AN braided with PTFE for all the hoses on the Chariot. And in a few places I used hard lines where the AN PTFE was not usable for slip on connections. 5 years on rubber sounds about right, at least that is what I experienced on the first go around. No more PTFE for me and...
  5. MarsChariot

    5/16 nylon or 3/8 rubber fuel line?

    No advantages and some disavantages. Rubber is known to deteriorate within a couple of years , especially with modern fuels. The manufacturers used nylon lines for a very good reason and kept the rubber to very small segments where connections require it. I learned this a few years ago when I...
  6. MarsChariot

    Engine Transmission and Transfer case frame measurments

    This diagram has always proven useful for wrapping your head around the basic dimensions.
  7. MarsChariot

    BEST exhaust system

    I have a two into one (cat then single Flowmaster) then into two system. It satisfies the crossover issue by just dumping both sides into a single muffler, then satisfiies the symmetric look that you get from duals out the back. No complaints.
  8. MarsChariot

    New Aux Tank Failure

    Well, gosh darn. That's great. I got my aux tank from WH, but frankly, whose to say I didn't put too much force on the sender locking ring because I had a locking ring spanner wrench, not that that should be an issue, and a kind of scary issue at that when you think about it? I just thought that...
  9. MarsChariot

    New Aux Tank Failure

    Here's the failure analysis. The narrow neck where the sender boss attaches to the tank had completely sheared off. Arrows point to the shear surfaces. The only thing that I can conclude is that the twisting stress of tightening the sender lock ring over stressed the narrow neck. No wonder I...
  10. MarsChariot

    New Aux Tank Failure

    Well, this is a new one. We were on our annual fall crawl and I kept hearing odd knocking sounds underneath that worried me no end on a very bumpy and rocky trail in the back of nowhere. But we returned without mishap and then I smelled fuel smells. Apparently the entire boss that the aux...
  11. MarsChariot

    15 Funny Stereotypes About Us

    I can translate that "Let me think about it" statement. That means, "Let me see what else I find and if I don't find something else that I just have to spend my limited money on, then I might come back and grab this if it is still here. And if it is not here then I was just not meant to have it."
  12. MarsChariot

    BAT Craziness

    But production Broncos did not use washers and nuts on the bottom of the body bolts. Maybe the Baja did, but not plain ol' production Broncos. Certainly none of the Broncos I have had used washers and nuts. I know, because it always looked strange.
  13. MarsChariot

    BAT Craziness

    There must be a limited supply of people with so much money that they can drop $100k on what to them is a toy. Just what sort of income is necessary to support this sort of thing? I ask in an effort to figure out how long it can keep going.
  14. MarsChariot

    BAT Craziness

    Thanks Todd. Good to know. Kind of funny. After decades of nothing about Broncos, suddenly there are books!
  15. MarsChariot

    BAT Craziness

    Todd, I can't parse all the words in these posts. What was the mention of a new book that you speak of?
  16. MarsChariot

    What are the odds that this could happen twice?!!!

    The whole thing is pretty cringe-worthy! But at least it was the other end this time. ;) Any idea what went wrong? Given that this was the first time he had this happen, you have to wonder what was the faiure scenario this time. Most catastrophes are the result of a chain of events. Good to know...
  17. MarsChariot

    Titled wrong year?

    Funny, we had the opposite problem. Had an early 73 that was titled as a 72. Never bothered to change that.
  18. MarsChariot

    Hub cap models

    That is the quintessential Bronco hub cap, the "volcano" hub cap. About every other Bronco that came off the assembly line had that cap. I wish somebody would give me another set to work with!
  19. MarsChariot

    Autobody guys or dent removal specialists, how do I fix this?

    That sort of thing has never worked for me. If it were me, given that it is within striking distance of the carb opening, I would make up a wooden "tool" with a 1/2 sheet of wood, with a smooth radius of maybe 6 -12 " and "work "it out. That cleaner is a solid piece of gold what with the...
  20. MarsChariot

    GIVEAWAY ClassicBroncos.com Giveaway! - Duffs - Modern Door Checks - 2 winners! - Ends 10/8/22

    Add me to the list. Seems like we just had a long thread on here about just this problem....or maybe it was another automotive forum. So many great new products.