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  1. gnsteam

    FAQ - How do I post a picture? Become a Contributor

    Test. testing a second load.
  2. gnsteam

    2022 KSM Christmas Bronco Gift Tags

    Thank you Kim.
  3. gnsteam

    Western Washington Bronco Busters

    Well said Gopster88. I total agree. Bring back memories, blasting through the muddy field and creeks in rural Nebraska. I can probably count on one hand how many days my first Bronco was clean. Good times. Thanks for posting the picture, priceless.
  4. gnsteam

    stock faceplate bluetooth upgrade

    This is a great idea and well executed. It's still early into my build and I haven't put much thought into a sound system. So I will keep this option on my radar. Nice work.
  5. gnsteam

    Up AXLE HILL on Pritchett Canyon

    Looking forward to watching this evening. Thanks Mitch!
  6. gnsteam

    Project: 76, Orange Special Decor

    Yesterday's progress, was installing the transfer case. The install went very well with only one hiccup. I had to hook up the engine hoist one more time to remove the transmission support. So you can get to the lower two, tailshaft housing to transfer case bolts. You will notice in the...
  7. gnsteam

    Retirement and My Rig

    Congratulations. I'm looking forward to retirement in less than two years.
  8. gnsteam

    Project: 76, Orange Special Decor

    Hi Dave, yes we need to get together again, it's been awhile. Is your 68 nearing completion?
  9. gnsteam

    Headlight head-scratcher...

    Do you still have the floor mounted foot dimmer switch? If so check it out. Many year ago I had a headlight flickering issue. Until one very dark night out in the boonies, when the head light quit. Had to drive home with and old flashlight. The issue was a shorted out dimmer switch.
  10. gnsteam

    Got Bronco Driver #90 Today!!!

    Received mine yesterday.
  11. gnsteam

    Project: 76, Orange Special Decor

    After bolting the transmission crossmember in and bolting down everything tight. I set my digital level in a few places around on the engine and frame. I'm no expert but it looks like thing are pretty plumb considering. Opinions appreciated.
  12. gnsteam

    Project: 76, Orange Special Decor

    Thank you Pat. Glad to see your out enjoying your rig. Your build has been an inspiration to me. This afternoon, I mocked up the Tom's Off Road, AOD crossmember. The first thing you need to do. Is remove some of the aluminum around the mounting point on the AA, 4R70W to Dana 20 adaptor. The...
  13. gnsteam

    Project: 76, Orange Special Decor

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Well this week hasn't gone to plan. The wife and I were to leave last Saturday, to spend the week at our daughters home for the holiday. But at the last minute they came down with Covid. So the trip was canceled. All is not lost though. I still have the time off and...
  14. gnsteam

    Scoop's 72 Patina Build

    Glad to see you back on the build.
  15. gnsteam

    Starting to go back together after 10 long months of weekends

    Fantastic paint. Great job.
  16. gnsteam

    ADMIN The 2023 CB Calendars are now on sale!

    Thank you Jon. Ordered today.
  17. gnsteam

    Project: 76, Orange Special Decor

    I was moving the new engine around on the engine stand tonight. When I heard something fall inside the oil pan. So I pulled the pan and I found a spare bolt in the pan. It looks to be an external bolt because the head has some old ford blue paint on it. Good thing I found it now.
  18. gnsteam

    Project: 76, Orange Special Decor

    Thanks Dave. It's a lot of work but very satisfying when you complete each step.
  19. gnsteam

    Project: 76, Orange Special Decor

    Thanks gentlemen.
  20. gnsteam

    Bronco appeal at Target

    My wife found this "T" shirt and Woman's sweat shirt at Target today.