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  1. stlo

    OCBR 2017-Come & Gone. **What was Your Fav Part of the Week??

    We will be there Tuesday around noon I hope
  2. stlo

    OCBR 2017-Come & Gone. **What was Your Fav Part of the Week??

    Skid was it the ring and pinion that kept popping at howie?
  3. stlo

    Grizzly or Detriot for D44

    Griz is basically the same as Detroit but with better internals like stated before.. it's been awhile since I read but the grizz has larger internal clutch teeth which was an improvement over the detroits clutch teeth radius...plus the case is forged as well as the internals being forged and...
  4. stlo

    OCBR 2017-Come & Gone. **What was Your Fav Part of the Week??

    What is OCBR?....lol..... I'll be there
  5. stlo

    Drop trac bar bracket needed? Pulls to right with heavy braking

    Idk how much you wheel yours but have you thought about doing a axle riser like wildhorses instead of the drop bracket. I tore 3 drop brackets off my frame until I went with the riser and not one issue since.... a lot less stress on the frame with the riser
  6. stlo

    SpareParts Build Thread...Linked and tons!

    What are the dates for howie?
  7. stlo

    On board welder or on board air?

    I vote air...... I like ARB or power tank
  8. stlo

    AR Wow!

    Maybe if you were a packers fan....lol
  9. stlo

    SOLD 1974 Bronco Uncut

    Is this still for sell?
  10. stlo

    OCBR 2016 Pics thread

    Another one
  11. stlo

    OCBR 2016 Pics thread

    Here you go
  12. stlo

    OCBR 16' Role Call.......

    No neck brace this year though..lol
  13. stlo

    OCBR 16' Role Call.......

    You mean this one banjer....lol
  14. stlo

    SOLD 1970 Ford Bronco

    U have to be a contributor to post pics
  15. stlo

    OCBR 16' Role Call.......

    I'll be there either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning
  16. stlo

    Safe Stereo Amp Mounting Spot?

    Put it where the rear view mirror goes...tell everybody it's a new totally essential part of a highly developed race radio system....you will be all the buzz at OCBR...lol....look forward to seeing u guys again this year OCBR
  17. stlo

    Weld help!?

    5001craig....... They make cheater lenses that look just like the clear lens u put on both sides of the weld lens... U just put it on the inside and it matches what ever your scrip is from the eye doctor.... A lot of guys wear em
  18. stlo

    Weld help!?

    I like the push pull method but then again that's the way most of us did it stick welding on the pipeline.....biggest thing I can see is your watching the wire instead of watching your weld puddle ..... Stick,mig tig, guys get caught up watching the electrode..... Watch your weld puddle and u...