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  1. stlo

    I know I know more 3g

    This is the wire pig tail I bought for the 3G conversion.....it says hook green/red wire to the regulator S wire ( keyed hot ) Which wire is the s wire on the stock alt pigtail
  2. stlo

    OX u-joints????

    Is anybody using them?......I have the chrome-moly shafts from toms with the 1 3/16" cups....will the ox's fit.?...think I'm in the market for some type of super joint and the ox's design is pretty cool......thanks in advance for ur thoughts
  3. stlo

    EFI in a box...video added......updated!!!!!!!!!...4/10/13

    Well I thought I would try and take some pics and let u guys know how this system goes together...... I have been wanting to put fuel injection on for awhile but to tell u the truth I work a lot of hours and I have kids in sports so the days of digging through the pull a parts are over for...
  4. stlo

    What do u guys think

    I just ordered some new Iroks today so I'm going to break my bead locks down to put them on....my question is should I leave them painted silver like they are or go black to match the wheels and the new guards I put on...??????
  5. stlo

    swamper IROK's

    for you guys running these tires what is your overall take on them....i have been kicking it around between several tires and for the price these are hard to beat. but do you guys like them,..... im looking at the 36x13.50x15 and the 37x14x15 bias thanks for the input
  6. stlo

    Fuel line for TBI conversion

    Ok so I'm doing the TBI swap from Affordable fuel injection.....question is what type of line are u guys running on your TBI swaps.......is rubber line that's on your carb good enough?....I know I have to run the return and all that but for just rubber fuel injected line they want like 5buks a...
  7. stlo

    which shafts???????

    ok i found out that the shafts i bought from JBG were not yukons like i thought they were....showed up in a yukon box and stickers but not yukons....midwest shafts are what they said they were when i called to get one replaced last week cause i snapped the right rear in half......got off the...
  8. stlo

    Yukon axle customer service

    i keep calling trying to get ahold of somebody and it says to type in the persons four digit number or leave a messg...well i have left a few messg. and no return call,,,,,does somebody on here have a 4 digit number from when you called?????......also i have wrote a couple of emails and have...
  9. stlo

    Ruffstuff's 9" pinion gaurd

    ok so i ordered this today in hopes i will stop K/O ing my driveshaft....it looks like a good piece but by there pic on there site it doesnt really show if you can get a box-end wrench on the bottom two bolts....do you know if there is a relief hole cut in or do you just have to use a...
  10. stlo

    OCBR pic thread.....for sprdav1.....

    Start us off Dave.......lol
  11. stlo

    for those with the 2wd steering box (with ram)

    had several guys asking how i did the ram on my f100 2wd box so i finally took some pics......this is kinda how the "MARE" from wildhorses had his mounted as well with his 2wd box that i think he still runs...idk for a fact though......wasnt that bad of a job just fabbed up some mounts to get...
  12. stlo

    diff cover or ring for dana 44 ram assist

    does anybody make a cover ready to go or a half ring or something to mount a ram on it?????.....i found DIY4x.com but all i see on there site is for dana 60.....i know most guys are using the riser but i have a drop bracket welded, with adj. trac-bar and f100 2 wheel box thats...
  13. stlo

    no mech. fan just elec.

    just wanting to get some other thoughts on this...last trip ended up busting a hole in the rad. and was looking at all the options for a new one...also it took out the shroud with it....was going to go back with just a standard rad and fan shroud. but got to looking at champion's rads which are...
  14. stlo

    f100 box and champion 2-row rad

    is anybody using this set up or know of any issues????....i need a new rad and i was thinking about the champion but it may be to much depth wise for the f100 box
  15. stlo

    Rear quarter 3/16th panels......( tree hungers )

    Does anybody know where I can get some of these?.......just seeing if anyone on here is making them
  16. stlo

    wheel spacers???????

    ok what do you guys think about wheel spacers?....i guess i dont really need them...i mean i wheel now without them with no troubles except for rubbing on my shocks....but would be nice to be a little wider....i was looking at the 1 1/4 ones from WH.... but are they hard on bearings and all that?
  17. stlo

    which synthetic winch line?...post pics

    ok i have wore out ebay and amazon looking at winch lines....is there a better deal out there????....also i see that master pull is saying there 1/4" line is rated up to 9000lbs does this sound rite?.....
  18. stlo

    what do you all think of this deal?

    ok so i was going to order the petronix but stumbled upon this...what you think? http://www.skipwhiteperformance.com/detail.aspx?Item=6502-R-KIT
  19. stlo

    On board air????...what to use

    ok here is the deal im wanting some type of air on the bronc....ive looked in to the Viar constant duty kit and of coarse the ARB and the power tank kit, which they all have there pro's and con's....what do you guys think i should go with?????
  20. stlo

    affordable fuel injection?????,,any good?

    ok so i thought i was just about to pull the trigger on the howell TBI kit and then i found this for almost 400$ cheaper,,,,,for the ones of you that have this kit do you like it?....