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  1. bsquared

    1996 Explorer Quick Disconnect Retainer Clip - HP side

    Hello All, I'm looking for the Dorman part number of the retainer clip for a 1996 Explorer fuel rail quick disconnect on the HP side. I can find the one for return line easily, but the HP side is larger and seems hard to find. Disconnect came loose during a great weekend of wheeling at our...
  2. bsquared

    Super Duty Hooka Pipe - $400 tire rack?!

    Holy Moly, I'd like a shot at the Hooka Pipe this dude is puffin on! $400 for this?! Not mine! No disrespect, but that's a crack-pipe dream. Thought it was funny. https://houston.craigslist.org/pts/d/plantersville-ford-bronco-hd-tire-mount/6910152439.html
  3. bsquared

    What type of locker?!

    I am looking to upgrade my mostly street-tastic / mild trail Bronco with some type of lockers and could use some advice. The "lunchbox" lockers like Spartan look super easy to install and will most likely suit mild crawling. Torsen and or Eaton Tru-Trac seem to be as well suited as a...
  4. bsquared

    Are the V8 and I6 starters and alternators the same?

    Howdy folks, Just need to know if my stock '70 Inline 6 alternator and starter will fit on a stock 302? Cleaning out my garage for the Roundup and someone can use these on their rig, if they'll fit. Thanks, B2
  5. bsquared

    Shock Travel? New Bilstein's are bottoming out!

    Hey Guys, Just installed new Bilstein shocks I got from WH and they don't seem to have enough up travel left for articulation. I've got a 2.5" WH suspension lift installed around 2012. In addition, it has 1" relocation lift blocks on the back axle. Pic of the boxes shows they sent the correct...
  6. bsquared

    Sherman Tank vent to charcoal canister

    Is anyone running the 23 gal Sherman tank w/o venting to a charcoal canister and just using the vent to the filler neck for the tank to breathe? I've got the charcoal canister mounted well above my tank in the engine bay. Also have a catch tank just before the canister and filled it up in no...
  7. bsquared

    WH Delphi Dual Return Pump on 5.0L?

    Howdy folks, Does anyone know if the Wild Horses Delphi dual return pump (part number 2012A) will work with their A/C delete 5.0L kit that comes with a Saginaw/Delphi pump? (part number 2021) The Bronco Gods are not smiling on me this weekend. Finished my EFI upgrade and just working out a...
  8. bsquared

    Brake pedal bump stop fix?

    Anyone know of an easy fix for the brake pedal bump stop? mine just disintegrated on me. Only thing I've found is a complete pedal kit from Tom's. I'm sure I can figure something out, but ideas are welcome. Cheers, B2
  9. bsquared

    Relocating battery box - #1 or 1/0 cable?

    Howdy folks, I've relocated my battery box to the drivers side and am going to run both pos and neg cables back to the pass side to power it up. My run is about 5' to get back to original location and I've seen a couple of posts recommending larger gauge wires for long runs. Question...
  10. bsquared

    Coil pack bracket finished

    Since I don't have the fancy tools that the cool kids do, I had to fab up my coil pack brackets the old fashioned way. Spent some quality time with a cutoff wheel, grinder, welder and dremmel. Kyped a pair of 7"x7" splice plates from a job site and they worked perfect! Not the prettiest...
  11. bsquared

    Neon Coil Pack Orientation?

    I'm going with the Neon coil packs for my 96 Exploder EFI build. Planning on fabbing an aluminum bracket to mount them on. Does anyone know of a reason I couldn't mount them as shown in the pics below? It would help with the plug wires and keep them from conflicting with the upper manifold...
  12. bsquared

    BCB Sherman Tank arrived! (damaged)

    Happiness is seeing the Big Brown Truck dropping off my BCB Sherman tank after a 3 month wait! Unhappiness is unpacking it, only to find they bent the $#!% out of one of the struts! I can't even figure out HOW they managed to do it! No damage to the box at all. Pinche bastards! I wrote to...
  13. bsquared

    Explorer EFI - MAF to driver side?

    Hey folks, Does anyone know what the pitfalls are when routing the MAF over to the drivers side, instead of the usual passenger side layout? EFI Guy informed me that I'll have to lengthen a few of the sensor wires but, other than that, is there any compelling reason NOT to flip the intake? I...
  14. bsquared

    Removing 1996 Throttle Cable from donor?

    Hey Guys, What tools do I need to remove the throttle cable from a 1996 Exploder donor? I'm doing dumpster diving in the JY's today and hoping for a quick in and out. Appreciate any input. Cheers, B2
  15. bsquared

    Correct Terminal for 1996 Dodge Neon Coil Pack?

    Thanks in advance for reading. I picked up two (supposedly) direct fit 1996 Dodge Neon coil packs from Summit Racing. (Delphi part GN 10388) These were suggested by the EFIGuy as a better replacement than the 1996 Exploder coil packs because they use regular spark plug wire connectors, which...
  16. bsquared

    Motorhead Monday - 5.0L Serpentine is on!

    Making progress on my 5.0L EFI build. Engine fires suck eggs, but I doubt I would have pushed myself to go EFI if it hadn't happened. The Bronco should (had better) be coming home from the paint shop this week. I need that to happen so I can start planning out my locations for the relay /...
  17. bsquared

    Bronco Script Valve Covers - Reversed?

    I am trying to get around the conflict that the fill tube on the Script covers has with the Exploder upper manifold. Can these covers be reversed to put the fill tube on the passenger side? The bolt holes seem to line up pretty well. This seems too good to be true, but if they can be...
  18. bsquared

    Can a lift plate be used with Explorer lower?

    Hey folks, Can a standard lift plate be used with the Explorer lower to stab an engine? Only two bolts will be holding it and I'll be having to work it onto the ZF shaft. I'd hate to strip them out. I still have my RPM performer intake and can use that in a pinch, but I'd like to get my lower...
  19. bsquared

    96 Explorer harness re-work - What's left in original?

    I finally dug into "Old Crusty", the original harness that took it on the chin in the fire. Lucky for me that I had not tossed the rats nest of left over wires from the 96 Explorer harness rework. I had plenty of same color wires to splice in. I think I was lucky in that the firewall connectors...
  20. bsquared

    Air Cleaner setup for Exploder 5.0L? MAF to Throttle Body

    Hey Folks, For those that have done the Explorer 5.0L swap, what air intake tubing kit and air cleaner did you use between the MAF and throttle body? I've gathered up just about all of the stuff I need and get the Bronco back from paint this week. A connection between the MAF and throttle body...