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  1. chris-nc

    SOLD WTB: Autolite 1100 Carburetor - i6-200

    I know this is a long shot, but hoping with all of these v8 upgrades I can find one. I currently have one operating fine, but with worn throttle shaft holes that is causing a vacuum leak. I'm looking for either the lower half if someone has one in good condition, or a complete unit. If it...
  2. chris-nc

    '66 warranty tag location measurements

    I finally completed enough research and pulled together enough details to have Marti make up a replacement warranty tag for my early build (Budd built) '66 U14. I'd like to place it on the kick panel where they were originally on the early '66's instead of the glove box door. Can someone...
  3. chris-nc

    transfer case/transmission mount bushings

    I'm slowly getting all of the old worn out bushings taken care of on my '66, and just finished up the radius arm/c-bushing replacement this weekend. My transfer case/transmission mount bushings are so worn, they just spin freely on the bolts. Can the bushings be replaced without removing the...
  4. chris-nc

    Floor Pan/Body Mount Replacement Issue

    So a previous owner replaced the floor pans in my '66, but the new pans aren't recessed where the body mount bolt would be, and the PO installed them over the top of the bolt, trapping it in the support underneath. %) I'm getting ready to replace the body mount bushings and trying to figure out...
  5. chris-nc

    Question for column shift experts

    I'm working to sort out everything after completely gutting the cab and rebuilding everything, including the 3-speed manual steering column. I've installed new thrust washers and the thick spacer between the shift levers. Unfortunately, I didn't turn that thick center spacer 90* like I'm now...
  6. chris-nc

    Early build '66 shock length

    I have an early build (Sept '65) '66 Half Cab that has the forward facing rear shocks. Without taking them off to compare, does anyone know if the stock shocks on the early '66's were the same length for the front and rear? If so, it would be easier to order 4 of the same, than trying to...
  7. chris-nc

    Gas cap stuck

    So nothing turned up in a search, but I'm hoping someone as figured out how to solve this. My original gas cap was missing the gasket, so it fit way to loose and I was afraid of it falling off on the road. I purchased a new one and it fit and worked fine. I've only removed it a couple of...
  8. chris-nc

    Firewall, Dash, and Wiring

    Top is off, dash is out, steering column is out, and I’ve started removing everything along the firewall so it can all be cleaned up and rebuilt. The plan is to refinish everything including pedals, e-brake and heater box. Then clean and rebuild all switches, rebuild the instrument cluster...
  9. chris-nc

    Warn premium hub rebuild - old vs new

    Now that I have my first post and introduction out of the way, I need to start getting some questions answered! So this is on a '66 with Dana 30, drums, etc. The Warn premium hubs that I have 8 screws on the perimeter. I want to remove/rebuild these hubs and while I'm at it, really make them...
  10. chris-nc

    Joining the club - '66 Half Cab

    Well, I've been lurking here for about a month. Been reading page after page of posts, pics, garage views, etc., all while working out the logistics to pick up this new project. First year, 1966 Ford Bronco - Half Cab Pickup (from the VIN, this was an early build from Sept. ’65), in...