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  1. boogie

    Powder coat 3speed and Dana ?

    Anyone powder coat the trans and transfer case? I bought a old set to rebuild and thinking about powder coating everything
  2. boogie

    What’s this for?

    I bought a trans and Dana 20 to rebuild and put in my 68 But not sure what this electrical plug is for? It cane out of a 72 I think
  3. boogie

    6-8 rear end the same?

    Do the v6 and V8 have the same gearing? Thanks
  4. boogie

    What the heck is this?

    Does anyone know what this is? I'm having trouble with getting my Bronco running and I think i'm not getting the spark I need when I start it up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyA2chsIVGI&feature=youtu.be
  5. boogie

    Pretty Please Carb help

    Help me before I burn this truck down lol I have to put the peddle to the floor to start it. It dose this before it gets going https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpI33Gw7D1M BTW new motor and Summit carb Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. boogie

    New Motor help

    So I put a new crate motor in my Bronco. I take a drive and the temp is 190-200 then I stop and let it sit and turn on the turn the key without starting and temp gage is pegged out! Is this normal? also its a little hard to start like the battery is low but once it starts the temp slowly goes...
  7. boogie

    Electric choke?

    I just changed from a manual choke to a electric choke my question is where are you guys tying in the 12v ignition? Thank you for the help
  8. boogie

    clutch ?

    What is the best way to change the clutch pulling the motor of trans? Im thinking the trans
  9. boogie

    New motor help

    So I have this crate motor to put in my bronco and asking for help on what I need to stab this thing in. I need a clutch, flywheel and I'm guessing new belhousing plate just not sure the correct parts. Thanks for the help!
  10. boogie

    Header ?

    Can I bolt up my headers before I install my new motor? thanks for the help
  11. boogie

    Hardtop Hoist

    I put together a Hardtop Hoist to get my hardtop out of my way for the summer. It works like a champ
  12. boogie

    Cover where hardtop fits to bed

    Does anyone make a cover that fits over the holes when you take the hardtop off? Some kind if bed rail?
  13. boogie

    spare tire carrier mod?

    Anyone add a better plate or something to the spare tire carrier? Im putting a 31" tire on my bronco and not crazy about the way the ford has the wheel mounted
  14. boogie

    new steering wheel now no horn

    I bought a new lecarra steering wheel installed but the horn is not working. What am I doing wrong? I hooked the 2 wires to the back of the button
  15. boogie

    What is this hole?

    So I bought a crate motor and wondering what this hole is for? My stock motor has some kind of plug there but the new motor has no threads in the hole. Thanks
  16. boogie

    Spark plug wires and BC headers?

    I'm ordering some plug wires for my motor that will have BC headers. Should I get straight or 90 degree wires? Thanks
  17. boogie

    oil pan?

    Where is the best place to order a oil pan for a 302 for my Bronco? thanks
  18. boogie

    SOLD 66-75 Tie Rod & Drag Link (3 Way Adjustable)

    Wild Horses 66-75 Tie Rod & Drag Link (3 Way Adjustable) I have less than 20 miles on this Tie Rod & Drag Link setup. One of the dust covers has a small cut that happed when I took it off so I incuded a new one pluse I also included a Ruff Stuff "the cure" that I ordered and did mot get a chance...
  19. boogie

    Alignment help

    can someone look at my Alignment #'s and point me a way to fix them? I have a 3.5 lift with 7 degrees C bushings dana 30 and 31" tires. Its mostly a street truck. Its pulling when I accelerate then pulls the othe way when I let off. It also pulls when I hit the brakes. Thanks foe the help
  20. boogie

    Stock 289 timing ?

    I have a 68 with a stock 289 and just converted to a Crane XRI to get rid of the points. What should I set the timing to? Thanks for the help