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    Manual shift collar replacement

    Also check the lever retaining pin fit. Mine was complete rubbish, and still does not fit securely. Let me know if you find a solution.
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    Manual shift collar replacement

    Sorry for this experience. Sounds very similar to my own. If you insert the lever into the old collar and check the fore-aft movement, then do the same with the new collar, I think you'll find the clearance issue that is preventing you from engaging 1-R. I had to remove quite a bit of material...
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    Need pic of where to grind knuckles for disk brake swap

    Agree with 73. Complete clearance is essential, but there is no need for ugly overkill. As long as there is daylight between the calipers and knuckles throughout range of travel, you can stop grinding. Good luck!
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    Flush engine block coolant?

    All good advice. Flush with a garden hose through the heater connections until the discharge is clear.
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    Horn Repair Saga

    Not sure but most repro parts I have used are rubbish. Find a modern vehicle with the sound you want and buy the horns. I have horns from a current 4Runner and they sound great. I added a relay as well. Happy to offer details as needed.
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    valve cover leaks

    Mine leaked past the fasteners in those locations. Wound up putting a bead of RTV under the bolt heads to dry it up. It's very frustrating after spending real money on what should be quality parts. Good luck!
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    Horn Repair Saga

    On mine the horn would work in specific spots in the wheel rotation. One of the rings, outer I think, was not flat when installed. I put a tiny washer under each of the attachment points to space the ring toward the brushes. Perfect.
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    Need Help with Brake system head-scratcher

    A vacuum bleeder works well for removing stubborn air. With looped lines that certainly is suspect. I installed a disc kit from a vendor at the top of the page and the backing plates were so dimensionally incorrect that the calipers and pads were not parallel to the rotor friction surface. Once...
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    Part review17016 manual shift collar JBG

    I'll take that advice. Thank you.
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    Part review17016 manual shift collar JBG

    Thanks 1969. I was hoping my experience was abnormal, but you confirmed my suspicions. I guess the bronco community deserves what it tolerates. Here's wishing us both better luck next time!
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    Part review17016 manual shift collar JBG

    This part was installed as part of a column overhaul. The shift lever pivot area on the original was fractured and otherwise worn out. The exterior finish was ready for primer and paint and looked good when top coated. The lever support was larger in diameter and appeared robust. The column...
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    Setting points on 1969 302?

    If I recall correctly the dwell works out to a duty cycle of about 58%. Working dwell meters are getting harder to come by. Good luck!
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    Tips for steering yoke

    Looks like if you can replace a ujoint, you've got this one licked. I see the pinch bolt on the gear side but not sure how the yoke is attached to the shaft side. I'd say 3-4 beers for a successful repair. Good luck!
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    Vacuum vs compression

    More questions Running intake vacuum is a good indicator of engine health, but without knowing what exactly is being diagnosed and what your "perfect numbers" were it's hard to say what else is needed. Most street engines should produce stable vacuum of 18 or more at hot idle. Good luck!
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    3 Speed pops out of gear

    Causes for failure to stay in selected gear The causes for this are always, always one of the following: The gear is not fully engaged. This can be due to external linkage, mounts, etc. or internal clearances allowing the shafts to walk fore and aft. Wear on the mating surfaces of the speed...
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    3 Speed pops out of gear

    First things first Make sure your linkage is moving the lever on the box fully into the second position. If it isn't, get that issue resolved first. If it is, take a look in the box. Good luck!
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    Steering column upper bearing bushing/sleeve

    I don't have an answer but there may be something here: Fortification.com/tech/3spd-column_01.htm I thought the bearings pressed in but it's been a while since I've been in one.
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    alignment help, questions?

    Caster correction You need some caster, bra! So I would start with some 7 degree c bushings to roll some caster into the axle. In my experience you will not get a full 7 degree change. The good news is that it's really close side to side and the other measurements ain't half bad. Once the...
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    ring and pinion setup patern driving me nuts

    Relax If I got the pattern in your photos and the backlash was close, I would install it. The 44 is tough to get a textbook pattern with, and tends to be forgiving. At least to me. Are you using a pinion depth gauge?
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    JB Fab experience

    Having orders from our beloved vendors so often ending in anguish and heartbreak in terms of quality and service, I had to broadcast my recent experience with JB Fab. I ordered a handful of transfer control and other items, some of which were not immediately available. I received a personal...