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  1. bigmuddy

    MO complete 4r70w transmission with t case

    I have a used stock 4r70w with T case from and explorer 5.0 Ran and drove when pulled. low mileage car but has been sitting under cover for a few years at my shop. Has dipstick and tube as well as stock converter that comes with it.
  2. bigmuddy

    17x9 us mag pics

    Like to see some rigs running the 17x9 US mag wheels with a 35" tires please. TIA
  3. bigmuddy

    4r70w question with Atlas II

    So, I recently purchased a good useable 4r70w from a bronco brother and he was running a D20 behind it. As part of that install the rear output shaft was trimmed for the D20. Am I going to run into any issues with output shaft being trimmed and installing to the Atlas II t case?
  4. bigmuddy

    hardware and advice needed for an Atlas II install to 4r70w

    So, I am moving toward finally getting the 4r70w and Atlas mated. I bought the Atlas II used, so no hardware came with it for mounting. Is it best to use studs or what size/length is needed? To, its going behind a 4r70w trans that previously used a D20 t case so the tailshaft length has been...
  5. bigmuddy

    Short article on the Silver Fox bronco

    Nice article on the Silver Fox bronco. https://performance.ford.com/enthusiasts/fan-spotlight/2019/05/1967-bronco-rolls-up-awards.html
  6. bigmuddy

    tail shaft housing from a 4r70 w, F150

    tail shaft housing from an F150 4r70w. essentially, this has a taller mount which enables a lower mounting point to be used with the crossmember. I believe the current aftermarket crossmember requires this to be swapped for the explorer tail housing? $75.00 plus shipping. PM for questions and...
  7. bigmuddy

    used metal dash

    Used dash. 80.00$ pick up only. As seen in the picture.
  8. bigmuddy

    Tranny crossmember very nice

    Really nice aftermarket crossmember. Needs to be cleaned and will look like new. Is either powder coated or anodized? Comes with the rubber snubber. 100.00 plus shipping.
  9. bigmuddy

    SOLD speedometer head complete.

    $100 shipped to the lower 48. 1 left.
  10. bigmuddy

    MO Trac bar riser, newish

    New never installed trac bar riser with multiple holes. 75$ plus shipping
  11. bigmuddy

    Making a custom PS hose

    Any tips from those that have made hoses using the AN fittings and SS braided hose? I have one shot at getting this right tonight. I have heard nasty things about trying to get the fittings together to seal correctly without leaking. Any tips are appreciated. TIA
  12. bigmuddy

    MO New Duffs adjustable radius arm brackets

    I have a pair of brand new adjustable radius arm brackets. These have the ability to adjust for various amounts of castor to help with dialing in your steering. They are really beefy! $200, brand new they are $280. New never installed. Mine are anodized gold color which I don't think...
  13. bigmuddy

    stock power steering box port/thread sizes

    Can someone tell me what are the port sizes on the stock power steering box? We are working on a buddies bronco and have installed the explorer serpentine system. We are down to having hoses built, so I need to know what to tell the shop to build them with if that makes sense? Thanks!
  14. bigmuddy

    Shout out to Jason at BC broncos

    Guys, the local MOEB group has been working on a fellow members bronco who has been very ill for the past few months trying to get it completed. Anyway, a lot of the parts he had purchased were new but boxes had been opened etc. Anyway, we discovered that the vintage air kit from BC broncos...
  15. bigmuddy

    Under fender air duct and filter

    So, I have raised the passenger side of the cowl which eliminates the incoming air to the heater box. So has anyone ever installed some type of filter under the fender area to pull filtered air to the heater box? I have heard rumours that it possible but never seen it. Thx!
  16. bigmuddy

    Camping in the bronco

    So, we will hopefully be doing more camping over the next few years in the bronco. Does anyone have a cool system for the back area of the bronco that keeps everything tidy and doesn't allow stuff to fly around? My back seat folds up or I can take it out, I had in mind a removeable system that...
  17. bigmuddy

    Best HD rear leaf springs

    Guys, I am going back to a hardtop which add weight, I also have a full size spare with a 35" tire on an aftermarket tube bumper. To top it off I am looking at towing a small teardrop trailer this year. Currently the rear springs are the BC 9 leaf for 2.5" of lift and I like them, but they...
  18. bigmuddy

    thoughts on towing a camper

    So, what are your thoughts on towing a smallish camper? I see plenty towing a smallish trailer with RTT or teardrop. what is legitimately the largest camper you tow with your bronco? Mine has a 2.5 lift, 4r70w tranny, EFI 351, 4.56 gearing and 35's, drives great. 13ft? 16ft? This assuming...
  19. bigmuddy

    Differences in the Dakota digital speedometer heads

    What's the difference between the RTX VHX and HDX by Dakota digital? Difference in price is between $1,231 and $756 is significant! I need a speedometer that has GPS capability as I am running an Atlas that without the speedometer option (bought it used) So, whats the diff? Does one of these...
  20. bigmuddy

    High Pin dana 44

    What's the minimum suspension lift you can run with the a hi pin dana 44? I have a 2.5 lift with a two inch body and have a hi pin 44 I was thinking about cutting down and turning the knuckles on but am concerned how much stuff might be impacted with a 2.5" lift? Thanks