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  1. bayoubronco

    Engine ID Code?

    Am I reading this code correctly? I'm getting D9OE and decoding it as a 79 Torino (which is a separate perplexing discrepancy, right?). And this is on my 76 Bronco.
  2. bayoubronco

    How much to keep Original?

    The goal is to keep it original; while abating rust and making it functional. This phase is to do as much as I can without removing major items, like body, engine, tranny. A future phase will be a much more involved effort, hopefully a full frame off. There's key places/components that are...
  3. bayoubronco

    ID Wiring Plug (Fish shape)?

    Can anyone ID this plug? It's thru the center firewall on a 76. All the other connectors are accounted for like ignition coil, oil and engine sensors, duraspark, even the tranny pair (not pictured). The only Fish looking plug I've found in the diagrams is a Brown plug with Blk/Grn wires. I...
  4. bayoubronco

    Fuel Tank Install Gasket and Rubber Options

    Couple questions on installation of the Gas tank. It's a new CJP tank and sending unit. I have the tank in place for testing fitting and... 1. The Sending Unit shifts in place and I can now loosen the ring by hand. I used some grease on the gasket. I'm not sure If the gasket just got out of...
  5. bayoubronco

    Trivia: Which Fluid is this?

    Anyone venture a guess on this. This is one of the many contaminated materials as part of draing fluids for my project. I suspect this group will be more keen than my support group I usually text these to was. (big day working on it; so sorry if you have to wait till this evening...:)
  6. bayoubronco

    The Evergreen Bayou Project 2022

    Greeting CB! This forun has been a valuable resource in getting me this far and I'm finally gettng around to returning the favor in sharing what I have (which is still more than what I know..lol) I'm sharing as much for input from the experts as well as introducing and offering insight from one...