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Search results

  1. Tweety


    1969 Luber
  2. Shamu


  3. shamu

    TX Horn ring

    Damon Hopper
  4. shamu

    Disney Oklahoma trip anyone?

    Great shots
  5. shamu

    SOLD 1995 posing as a 73

    Make sure to watch the video Classy %) https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/cto/d/1973-ford-bronco/6422534988.html
  6. shamu

    TX 1976 Bronco

    Damon Hopper 972 754 9210 I have been storing this for a friend and he want to sell it https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/d/1976-ford-bronco-ranger/6406179942.html
  7. shamu

    Family roll cage

    Go custom and you can get grab handles above your head and the dash bar also
  8. shamu

    TX 1969 Bronco Rock Crawler

    Damon Hopper 972 754 9210 and my contributor ran out https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/d/1969-ford-bronco-rock-crawler/6397380931.html
  9. shamu

    Pics of 37x12.5x17

    That is one of my all time favorite broncos
  10. shamu

    Pics of 37x12.5x17

    Newport has 37's
  11. shamu

    Emil Schwartz is 87 years young today

    He has always been a mechanic in Clifton Texas
  12. shamu

    Emil Schwartz is 87 years young today

    We went out to the LEBC event and like always it was a great time. Emil is still wheeling like he always does. I hope all of us are that lucky in our later years to smile and drive like there is no tomorrow
  13. shamu

    DFW meet and greet - Sat, Sept 9

    I have a few
  14. shamu

    I added rust TO my Bronco :P Opinions needed...

    Like always you are an amazing artist ;)
  15. shamu

    TX 1973 Not mine and am I missing something

  16. shamu

    odd spindle lock nut

    WOW I never have seen that out side locking system
  17. shamu

    Newbie, looking for Dallas Members

    Damon Hopper in Sachse Tx 972 754 9210
  18. shamu

    Propane Bronco

    There are over 5 propane Bronco's in the LEBC group. And I have owned 3 propane broncos and the are great for wheeling. Poor mans fuel infection. Call me if you have any questions Damon Hopper 972 754 9210