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  1. gearida

    3 speed manual help..

    I removed the trans, 3 speed manual factory trans, and when I reinstalled it the gear selector is jammed. The rear gear selector works, front will not move, stuck in neutral. Can anyone give me an idea of what happened? I didn't drop it, pull on the shaft, although I did stand it on the...
  2. gearida

    CTM u-joints in front axle

    I was told I should not use the CTM u-joints in the front axle of my daily driver, unless I want to service or lube them weekly. Is this a true concern? How hard is it to get to the u-joints on the axle to lube, do the wheels need to be removed?
  3. gearida

    Diode, scratching my head

    I wired my entire truck myself. I realized quickly I have a problem back feeding my parking lights when I apply the brake switch. I am using a Flaming River steering column so this isn't a factory turn signal switch and I am using separate flashers for turn signals and hazards. I placed a diode...
  4. gearida

    Gauges inop

    I have replaced my factory gauges and the IVR expecting them to work and they don't. I saw a + and an S, I think on the back side or on the terminals. I have power coming from the IVR to the + and the sending unit signal on the other terminal. I thought maybe the cluster is not seeing a ground...
  5. gearida


    I can't keep 35 pounds of air in my tires. The beadlocks leak with pressure above 30 pounds. I have applied aviation permatex to the sealing edge, which helped. Any ideas? Anyone gone inner tubes inside a beadlock wheel? Ugh.
  6. gearida


    I have a resealed my oil pan two times since the original build due to an oil leak at the rear seal. It is a stream of dripping. Glad it wasn't the rear main seal! So I mentioned to one of the guys in the shop my weekend contained resealing the pan, he said too much internal pressure. So, I have...
  7. gearida


    I know little about distinguishing transmissions, thought I had a NP435 to install, turns out it was a 4WD model. Traded for what I was told as the one I want. Looks very similar and has a drives haft yoke on the out put shaft so it is a 2WD, however not a aluminum shift cover or no...
  8. gearida

    Pilot bushing

    Can anyone give me some assistance, pilot bushing in the rear of the crankshaft for a 351W and a stock manual 3 speed transmission. My 302 did not have one, will the 351W use one?
  9. gearida

    302 to 351

    I need a little clarification please. I have a cracked block on my newly rebuilt 302, it has new aluminum heads that I want to use. If I switch to a 351 Windsor will the heads fit, I think they will since they have the head bolt inserts. I think my headers will fit too. How about motor mounts...
  10. gearida

    Going to body shop tomorrow

    About ten years ago I started my Bronco dream, I spent four years with almost every available moment in the garage. I touched every inch making it new. It was wrecked in the left front, the right side had rusted away, the floor was gone and the oil pan had metal shavings inside. Well I...
  11. gearida

    Bronco Design hood hinge

    I have a new hood, it has caused me to redo the air cleaner, due to I side clearance. Even though it is a mid rise hood the interior panel of the two piece fiberglass hood is not raised. But now I am looking at the hinge fitment now. The interior panel doesn't allow a nut n the back side or...
  12. gearida

    New Hood

    I purchased a new Bronco Design hood, very very nice. I got the medium rise design with the interior panel too. Now it looks very nice it doesn't fit my custom air cleaner. I have a Ford Motorsports carbon fiber 13" that originally hit the throttle linkage. So I cut it in two places and flipped...
  13. gearida

    IN Used tires

    I purchased new tires for my wife's mall masher. I have four Pro Comp Xtreme A/Ts 35X12.50X17. These are too big to ship easy, maybe strapped on a pallet will work. These have about 3/4 of an inch of tread. One has a bit of bounce on the road, make a decent set for budget minded off roader.
  14. gearida

    Door Insert, attaching?

    I spent a good deal of time yesterday cutting my inserts around the flange edges to fit my doorways. I found the previous owners only work, I should have taken out before I built around it; but I had no way at the time to know better. So moving on, the threshold is a little too high. This caused...
  15. gearida

    New Exhaust

    I am fairly excited today, I picked up my four year project from the exhaust shop tonight. I had duals ot the sides from my long tube JD headers. Used Flowmaster's unmarked brand made in the USA. Similar to the Flowmaster 40 series only black and no brand name imprint. They sound great. Just got...
  16. gearida

    Electrical Connectors

    I am looking for a source for wire harness pigtails. I need the temp sensor, gas sending unit, parking/turn signal grill mounted pigtail and socket, headlamp socket/pigtail, tail lamp socket/pigtail. Possibly a positive terminal box, for a main supply off the battery; something like a fuse box...
  17. gearida

    Steering Column Boot

    I would like to install my new tilt column today, however the steering column boot, at firewall is like four inches in diameter that I purchased. The hole is like a triangle or upside down teardrop. I think I have a '76 body. I also think I probably have the part somewhere hiding from me in the...
  18. gearida

    Help finding

    I purchased a new OEM style coolant overflow tank, new radiator, and I can't seem to find a listing for the hose that connects them. The nipple on the radiator is much smaller than the inlet of the coolant tank. Where is this offered? I have searched several of our Vendors and so not see a...
  19. gearida

    IN Speedo gear for manual trans

    Anyone have a good speedo gear and c-clips for a manual 3 speed?
  20. gearida

    3 speed rebuild, help

    I just had my 3 speed rebuilt with new bearings, not that I can tell their new however. Anyway installed it with what I thought was in first gear. It actually was in third. I saw the rear bearing move and quickly shoved it back in the case. Assembled the complete drivetrain and then it was stuck...