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  1. AZ73

    50 Cal mounted on 900 HP Bronco

    See the video here.
  2. AZ73

    PA Slammed 1969

    The slammed 1969 comes up for auction on Bring a Trailer. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1969-ford-bronco-115/
  3. AZ73

    SOLD Driver's side remote mirror pad/gasket

    Like the title says. I seemed to have misplaced mine and the non-remote mirror pad is too small. Trying to button up the interior and get this build finished. May have to modify 2 side mirror pads to fit if I can't locate one. Yeah, I saw the NOS on ebay, no I'm not spending that kind of...
  4. AZ73

    AZ 1969 Unknown

    I'm thinking of driving by tomorrow and filling them in on the secret. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ctd/d/scottsdale-unknown-black/7399579613.html
  5. AZ73

    Short Hagarty video on the Bronco

    New Hagerty video on the Bronco as part of the Revelations with Jason Cammisa series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksN7oNgCoQY
  6. AZ73

    Bronco in WSJ and at Kohls

    Unfortunately you won't be able to read the whole story without a subscription https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-2021-bronco-sport-a-compact-suv-that-looks-a-lot-like-the-big-bronco-11620331403?mod=hp_listc_pos2 And saw this at Kohls today. About 4 sizes too big for me.
  7. AZ73

    Parnelli Jones personal stuff for sale

    Next Mecum auction. I like the model of Big Oly
  8. AZ73

    Wiring harness grommets

    I have these 6 grommets for the wiring harness. I contacted painless to see where they went and they were less than helpful. I thought maybe #1 were for the rear tail lights, but they seem too big to fit into the hole in the body, and for the connectors to fit through. I think #2 is for the...
  9. AZ73

    AZ Drum Brake front spindles

    Off a 1973 that was sitting since 1987. Happy to take any additional pictures you need.
  10. AZ73

    Headlight Flap

    I didn't take a great picture before I pulled my Bronco apart. Can anyone please tell me the correct way to install the flaps that cover the back of the headlights? It appears that they go under the lip on the core support with the pins pushing up, but how far over towards the fenders and...
  11. AZ73

    Light bar for stock bumper

    I was looking for something to fill in the body gap caused by the 1" body lift. I thought about a light bar, but they were all so wide that even if I put them against the body, they stuck out past the stock bumper. Then I found this 30" "slim line" version. It fits nicely between the front of...
  12. AZ73

    TX 1974 chassis and engine

    Not mine. Just needs a body. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/cto/d/richmond-1974-ford-bronco/7272843396.html
  13. AZ73

    Bronco Emblem Hole Template

    I searched for something to help me but couldn't find anything so I made my own. As others have posted it's REALLY tough to make yourself drill holes in a freshly painted fender. Making the holes is bad enough, but screwing it up once you've convinced yourself to do it sucks. This is a...
  14. AZ73

    AZ Nu-Relics Black door switch set

    Nu-Relics Black illuminated door switch set. Never used. Part #205. $153 if purchased separately, $75 if purchased as part of kit. I went in a different direction. Yours for $60 and FREE shipping and no tax to US.
  15. AZ73

    New "OEM" quality outer door handles

    My disaster is your benefit. I had a replacement set of outer door handles I purchased years ago, and installing them for the second time I cross threaded the mounting screw on the passenger side. I pulled it and tried to retap it and snapped the tap even with wax and a light touch. Drilling...
  16. AZ73

    AZ BMW high back leather seats

    From a 2004. I test fit them and they were a little high for me so I went with Toms. 8 way adjustable with wiring connector. Free local delivery!
  17. AZ73

    Installing a custom dash

    I'm getting ready to install my BC Bronco dash, but I sold my original and I don't really see anything on the dash how to mount it. I looked at some pre-disassembly pictures and the old dash seem to have some "L" brackets on it. Any suggestions from people who mounted and aftermarket dash on how...
  18. AZ73

    SOLD Keystone Fabricaion Winch Bumper

    Decided on using a factory chrome bumper so selling my never used Keystone winch bumper. It has a KBS epoxy base with a matte clear finish on it but the clear is clouded in some spots. Local pickup by Scottsdale Airpark or I'm traveling to Tucson in the near future and can bring with me. If...
  19. AZ73

    Weather Pack Connectors Sale

    I got my weather pack connectors from this place. They just sent me a 25% off to share with anyone. If you're rewiring, check it out. Use code SAVE25 at checkout through February 2020 and get $25 USD off orders of $200 USD or more! https://www.customconnectorkits.com/
  20. AZ73

    Kind of weird

    Ran across this. They'll build a Bronco to your specs using completely new parts including frame and body, but the drawing looks like the hardtop is from a late 70's-80's version...