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    Engine bay paint

    Hey y’all looking to spray paint my engine bay black. I don’t have a good air compressor so aerosol can is really my best option unless I get an electric spray gun 🤔 What brand have you used and how has it been holding up? PS… Anyone use John Deere Blitz Black? I’m reading great results with...

    Sanderson shorty headers

    Anyone running the Sanderson shorty headers with the v-band or 3 bolt collector? I'm looking at the v-band setup but was wondering if anyone has one installed with a 351W? If so any clearance issues? Thanks


    Anyone have any idea who's headers these are. They are 1 -5/8 primaries. Owner of these headers is unsure who makes them and I would like a little more info on these. They use band clamps as you can see in the picture instead of 3 bolt collector. Kev

    4r70w Whining Sound?

    So the past few times I've drove my bronco I have this whining sound coming from the tunnel area, I am almost confident it's coming from the transmission(4r70w). I can only hear it first gear, maybe second and once I past about 20 MPH it goes away. I can also hear it a little louder when I...

    CA BC Bronco Shorty Headers

    Looking for BC Bronco shorty headers. Kev

    351W Stroker Build

    The purpose of this thread is to hear what kind of 351W roller based stroker you are running i.e. 393, 408, 418, 427. And how do you use your Bronco? Strickly for off road, or street cruiser with off roading? Etc. I want to hear your experience with your stroker and if you are satifisfied with...

    SOLD Drop pitman arm

    Looking for the drop pitman arm. I have a 1973 power steering box. Thanks

    SOLD Drop pitman arm

    Looking for the drop pitman arm. I have a 1973 power steering box. Thanks

    Custom Steering Linkage

    Anyone build a custom steerling linkage with these cartitage style tie rods? It looks very similar to Wild Horses "CLYDESDALE" system. I'm thinking about making my own version but just not as beefy as the Clydesdale since I think it's overkill. I'm looking at doing the 7/8"-18 What...

    Bent Ford 9 Housing???

    Here's my dilemma. I have upgraded 31 spline axle shaft with Set20 bearing, after every 1000 miles or so somehow my bearing may be getting damaged as they start to leak diff fluid down the end onto my rear passenger tire. I have replaced these bearing 3 or 4 times and the same issue every...

    Mild 351 or 408 Stroker

    Ok im on the fence if I should get a built mild 351 roller with stock bottom end and aftermarket heads and cam? Or if I should just go big and get a 408 stroker? Both will definitely be a big improvement over my 302, just trying to get input from guy that have experience running a mild 351...

    Stater Issue

    I purchased a 1994 Mustang starter (PMGR starter) to replace my old style starter that broke. I bought the ACDelco 337-1036 starter for my 4r70w setup and pretty much followed the Wild Horses instructions since it's basically the same starter. So after turning the key to the "On" position the...

    Do I need a transmission cooler?

    I’m in the process of swapping to a 4r70w transmission. After reading several threads on cooler lines I’m questioning if I need to run a transmission cooler for the 4r70w or if I can just run the cooler lines directly to my radiator the way the previous C4 trans was ran before? I’d rather not...

    Oil Pan Leak

    I removed my oil pan due to oil leaking from the dipstick area. What mods did you guys do to prevent the oil from leaking around the dipstick area? I read some threads of people welding around it, putting jb weld or re-sealing it. Let’s see what y’all did. Pictures below for reference. Thanks

    What would you replace?

    I'm in the process of swapping a 4r70w transmission into my Bronco. Since I removed the C4 transmission what should I replace since I have a lot of room to work under my Bronco? Should I replace my rear mean seal even though I'm not experiencing any leaks? Anything else I should look at? Thanks 8-)

    Dana 20 Seal and Gasket Kit

    I’m in the process of changing the seals and gaskets on my Dana 20 and was wondering what these 2 gaskets are for? I don’t recall taking any gaskets like these off when I was tearing it apart. Thanks

    Advance Adapter Dana 20 Kit

    I’m putting the Dana 20 advance adapter kit (part # 50-2407A) together for my 4r70w swap and there’s really no instruction manual for how the kit all goes together. I’m a little hung up on which way the spud shaft seal goes into the housing? One side has a lip so I’m assuming I press it down the...

    Dana 20 Questions

    I was inspecting my Dana 20 and noticed that the thrust washers have some play when I’m rotating the gears. Is that normal? Thanks Kev

    Dana 20 Transfer Case Removal

    I’m having difficulty separating the Dana 20 from the C4 adaptor. I tried separating the two with a rubber hammer and it just won’t come apart. Any tips or tricks? I’m going to open up the transfer case to change some seals and gaskets.

    Pinion Angle

    How does my pinion angle look? Do I need a shim to correct the angle or is it fine the way it is? Thanks Kev