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  1. J

    c4 vs 4r70w behind a 250 I6

    I have a 250 I6 out of mid 70s maverick with a case fill c4 on it that I picked up to go in my old 72 halfcab. I am contemplating sticking with a c4 or going to a 4r70w. This is not a trail rig. This is a drive around town take on 200 mile hunting trip vehicle. I do not envision running tires...
  2. J

    Who has done the 250 swap?

    I have a 72 half cab that was my daily driver in high school back in the 90's. I am wanting to get it out of the barn and start driving it again. It has a 200 that was pretty worn out back then. I have a 250 with a c4 complete out of a 76 Maverick. I am curious here who all has done the swap...