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  1. chuckji

    Holley sniper issue on newly rebuilt motor

    Yep, the data logging feature is a powerful tool. Good luck.
  2. chuckji

    Holley sniper issue on newly rebuilt motor

    Definitely check out the Holley Sniper support forum. One key adjustment point that many overlook on a new install is the idle air control (IAC). What is yours set at in Neutral, idling at normal engine operating temperature? You’ll want it between 2% ~ 10%.
  3. chuckji

    Need a New Glove Box Door?

    I recall a number of past threads searching for new glove box doors. Consensus was no one is reproducing this part. We’ll, I just received an email from Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard and they now have new glove box doors. Sorry if this is known info already…...
  4. chuckji

    AX15 Swap question....

    Hey Tiko, do you have a copy, or link to that tech sheet?
  5. chuckji

    New Gauges cluster?

    Had mine rebuilt here: https://www.classygauges.com/
  6. chuckji

    Calling all EXPERTS!

    Blueprint Bronco Edition 306 with an AX15 and 31”, running 4.11. happy with it.
  7. chuckji

    Holley Sniper Pro?

    That’s great! Hope that proves to be a fix for you.
  8. chuckji

    sealing the dana 20 shims

    Don’t forget thread sealer on the bolts. Some of the bolt holes go all the way through the case.
  9. chuckji

    sealing the dana 20 shims

    Have you checked this tech post? https://classicbroncos.com/forums/threads/how-to-seal-a-dana-20-step-by-step-and-other-useful-dana-20-links.207537/
  10. chuckji

    Holley Sniper Pro?

    Sorry you’re have such trouble solving this problem. I think the advice on the Holley forum about checking exhaust leaks and the secondary butterflies is a good starting point. I was actually having IAC troubles at one point and it turned out it was being caused by both of those. The secondary...
  11. chuckji

    Holley Sniper Pro?

    Hey @turbotim2 I think I see your thread on the Holley Sniper forum- is that you Timbick? I’ve actually been watching that threat for a while.
  12. chuckji

    Holley Sniper Pro?

    what problem are you having? are you controlling timing with the Sniper? what engine? what‘s your exhaust system?
  13. chuckji

    Mechanic in Los Angeles

    ASC moved to: 1820 Olympic Blvd. Santa Monica Here’s their website: https://classicbroncosasc.com/
  14. chuckji

    Door Seals

    Yep, the Amazon stuff for sure. check out this thread: https://classicbroncos.com/forums/threads/door-seal-escapades.305785/
  15. chuckji

    Engine Swap Recommendations

    details are in my signature below.
  16. chuckji

    Unknown Gas Cap Replacement

    Northeast Classic Ford Parts also have a variety of the long reach style as well. https://northeastclassicfordparts.com/search?controller=search&s=Gas+cap
  17. chuckji

    Unknown Gas Cap Replacement

    maybe helpful? https://www.wildhorses4x4.com/product/Chrome_Gas_Cap_Vented_71-76/Bronco_EFI_Tanks
  18. chuckji

    Looking for opinions on LUBR tire size

    Just my opinion, but with 4.5 inches of lift and 31” tires there’s too much gap in the front wheel wells - the tires don’t fill the well enough and look too small. 2.5” suspension and 1” body lift is about perfect for 31s.
  19. chuckji

    Power Step or Rocker Panel Squeaking on one side

    Just throwing ideas out there, but how about the body mounts? Maybe there’s some flex/movement going on between the frame and body causing the mount to squeak...?
  20. chuckji

    Going back to factory bumpers

    I think it looks great!