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  1. billh1289

    74 Bronco Stalling

    Had the same happen to me but with new braided fuel line. It had a bunch of pinholes in the rubber but the outside looked fine. Switched back to rubber lines.
  2. billh1289

    Door alignment after install of Wild Horse weather stripping

    Yep. I went right to eBay and put in door seal escapades like a putz…
  3. billh1289

    Door alignment after install of Wild Horse weather stripping

    Thanks. I probably should have caught that as many times as I’ve read your thread….
  4. billh1289

    Door alignment after install of Wild Horse weather stripping

    Is that the seller?
  5. billh1289

    Project Huck - Build Thread

    Looking forward to it and dig the channel.
  6. billh1289

    Charcoal Canister / EVAP Install / Solve Gas Smell

    Surprised to find that I don’t have one on my phone. I’ll grab one later tonight.
  7. billh1289

    Rear shackle help

    Hard to say without seeing it but you might just need to spread the ears more. I use a long bolt as a spreader…(not my pic but a good example)
  8. billh1289

    Rear shackle help

    Are you installing the shackle end first?
  9. billh1289

    Charcoal Canister / EVAP Install / Solve Gas Smell

    There’s a couple on eBay. Try a u pull if there is one by you. I just bolted mine to the firewall without the bracket though…
  10. billh1289

    Alignment completed...now what?

    Can you post a pic of the front end? What is the condition of the other front end parts- ball joints, tie rod ends, drag link, trac bar, bushings. Which ps box did you install?
  11. billh1289

    Fuel Leak help needed

    Aux tank is under driver seat, main tank is in rear.
  12. billh1289

    Fuel Leak help needed

    Besides the fill and vent there are probably 1 or 2 small nipples for the vapor system. See if the lines are still hooked up and in good shape.
  13. billh1289

    New Shoes

    You can measure between the bottom of the frame rails to the top of the axle tubes. Stock height is roughly 7" in the front and 6" in the back (approx.) Anything more than that, subtract it out and you have your lift.
  14. billh1289

    BFG KO2 Best Prices

    I ended up buying from Mavis. There was a rebate on 4 tires when I bought. They were competitive on pricing with some of the online suppliers. Convenience factored in for me too.
  15. billh1289

    New guy here: Going to look at a 76 that's been sitting.

    Congrats. We’re fortunate that we have access to a ton of info on these trucks through this site and our vendors. I have always found the original shop manuals to be very valuable to keep on hand. They show up on eBay but there are reprints available. Steve’s site supermotors is extensive and...
  16. billh1289

    Fuel sending unit help

    Did the gauge ever work with the aux tank? Try jumping the contacts in the connector to see if the gauge will peg.
  17. billh1289

    Fuel sending unit help

    I’d say you stated it correctly. It would make sense that you hear the pump kick on if you wired it to the lower row on the switch and to the same side the main tank sender. The thing that I’m not crazy about is running the electric pump through the manual pump. Guess it would be ok if they...
  18. billh1289

    Aux tank sending unit

    Was there a tab on the backside of the sender? That should locate it where it should sit.