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  1. Broncobowsher

    Stroker 351W .060” over?

    I would look for an '83 and newer block just for the 1-piece rear main seal. I look for EFI engines for the reason that the cylinder walls are typically in really great shape even with high miles, better fuel control over a carb drooling fuel down the intake. These blocks are part of Ford's...
  2. Broncobowsher

    Replacing the clutch on '72 302

    Pilot bearing or pilot bushings. Stock is a bushing. Modern stuff is a bearing. I look at the snout of the input shaft to decide which is best. If it is like new, bearing will be fine. If it is a little worn in, I would stick with a bushing. It will conform to the imperfections better...
  3. Broncobowsher

    Need Confirmation of Proper Distributor Install on 351w

    New 351, first thing I would go get is the cam card. Check the firing order. It could be the 351 firing order or it could be the 302 firing order. There are more choices of 302 cams and often they cost less as well. They both fit exactly the same and the only difference is the firing order...
  4. Broncobowsher

    4R-100 / NP205

    4R100 or 4R70W? The 4R70W is well known to fit. It is a little longer than a stock transmission. The 4R100 is a monster. It is pretty much a C6 but bigger with an overdrive built in. I remember once measuring them up side by side. The transmission pan on the 4R100 was as long as the while...
  5. Broncobowsher

    Heater upgrade

    My best heater upgrades were a hot thermostat for the engine. 192° works so much better. Some door seals that don't just blow cold air in. Carpet/headliner because steel carries heat right through it like it isn't even there. Never did the blower upgrade. This was from my days growing up in...
  6. Broncobowsher

    Looking for Atlas 3:0-1

    OK, which of the kits? The stock style that takes the transmission apart for a new output shaft and the mounting bushings are stock style. That will be unicorn special order as it is 27 spline and the Bronco bolt circle. In short, the only thing that will work with is an AOD with the Bronco...
  7. Broncobowsher

    Looking for Atlas 3:0-1

    What input do you want? what bolt circle? (What transmission will you be attaching this to)
  8. Broncobowsher

    Purple wires

    That proofs out the wiring and bulbs between the turn signal switch and the light themselves. That is NOT the problem. Don't go splicing in wires, you will just make more issues. Your issue is 100% up front. The brake light switch feed goes to the turn signal switch. The turn signal switch...
  9. Broncobowsher

    Purple wires

    Do the rear turn signals work?
  10. Broncobowsher

    3 core vs 4 core radiator questions

    Fan shroud!!!! Put on a fan shroud! You will not fix a hot idle in a Bronco without having a fan shroud.
  11. Broncobowsher

    Speculate horsepower difference pro flow 4 VS. Explorer EFI

    How good of a tuner do you have? The Explorer EFI on a stock engine is going to be dialed in really good. If you can get a really good tune, Proflow should win on HP. And that would be if the timing curve is right more than the fuel curve. Dialing in the fuel is easy to get right, the timing...
  12. Broncobowsher

    Oil leaking from the dipstick tube??

    Is the vented cap really vented?
  13. Broncobowsher

    Want to go roller on my mystery motor

    More than just lift and mass. Roller cams are more aggressive on opening and closing rates as well. Opens the valve faster, which at speed can float the valve with a spring not heavy enough to keep it under control. then on closing the lifter drops away faster than the spring can keep up...
  14. Broncobowsher

    Old disc brakes setup

    The caliper brackets, calipers, rotors are the same on Bronco and F150. The difference is the steering knuckles. The shape of the arm that the tie rod attaches to is a little different. What knuckles you have, which turns into what steering linkage will work, is still an unknown.
  15. Broncobowsher

    Vibration on deceleration?

    To add a little more to Paul's comment... If you shim the rear axle to fix pinion angle, that will change the length requirements for the driveshaft. First step, get the angles right. Second step, get the correct length.
  16. Broncobowsher

    7.3 godzilla

    I read the question again this morning. I believe MonsterBilly has a small block 4R70W currently. No, that is the wrong case for a modular motor. It won't work. The controller should, on a different 4R70W. But you are NOT bolting a Windsor transmission case to a modular block.
  17. Broncobowsher

    7.3 godzilla

    You can get a 4R70W with the modular bolt pattern. The 10R140 is a really big transmission, really big. And still no stand alone controllers for it. I think there is one, but $3500 for it, and it still needs more added. I don't really consider that a viable option.
  18. Broncobowsher

    Vibration on deceleration?

    Guessing the transfer case moved back a little bit. Probably just enough to push the rear driveline angles into unhappy range. deceleration rolls the pinion down slightly, making the angle worse. Something I really worry about when you describe the driveshaft fully collapsed in order to...
  19. Broncobowsher

    Jekyl & Hyde builds

    I was just discussing one of the most Jekyl and Hyde engines I have driven. Something that is completely tame. Could drive it all day in rush hour traffic, with a manual transmission no less. Super mellow driver. But drop the hammer and let the tach swing and it was completely different...
  20. Broncobowsher

    7.3 godzilla

    What I have read, it is the same as the mod motors. So 4R70W (3-bolt starter), 6R80 (V8) for automatics.