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  1. 1974 Ford Bronco

    1974 Ford Bronco

  2. Shipmate


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    OR Front License Plate Bracket

    Hi Guy's! I'm looking for an original Front License Plate Bracket/Holder. Thank's for your help. Ando
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    License plate holder

    Where can I purchase a License Plate Holder for a stock 1974 front bumper? I'd like to find one that makes the license plate sit flat, rather than being canted. Thanks for your time. Ando :)
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    Front Bumper License Plate Holder

    Where can I purchase a License Plate holder for a stock chrome front bumper? Thanks for your help. Ando
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    New hardtop chrome trim

    PGreenlawMD I'm in the same position as you. I'm finishing up on a groundup restoration but have not been able to find the Chrome Trim for the two side windows of the hard top. TomsBroncoParts say they are working on it and in fact there 2015 Catalog says "coming soon" If I find it anytime soon...
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    New Tires for 1974 Stock Uncut Bronco

    Sorry about the typos. Fat digits on this end. LOL!
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    New Tires for 1974 Stock Uncut Bronco

    Thank's Teal68. That opens up a few more tires I can know consider. Have a great day. Ando
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    New Tires for 1974 Stock Uncut Bronco

    Hi Guy's. First, thank's for all the advise. A guy at TomsBroncoParts told me about this website and suggested that I join. I should have done this when I first purchased the Bronco. Going forward....bteutsch: That's a real nice Bronco you have. I look forward to the day when I can drive...
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    New Tires for 1974 Stock Uncut Bronco

    Hi Pa PITT: I purchased the Bronco May 2014. It wasn't running at the time , so I had it towed to my mechanics place, where it stayed until September. Shortly thereafter, the Bronco was delivered to the body shop where she began her year long restoration. Good observation on your part. Have a...
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    New Tires for 1974 Stock Uncut Bronco

    Paul thank's for taking the time to help me with this tire issue. I appreciate the insight and the amount of information you shared with me. Per your suggestion I'll do some more investigating of past forums. Whoaa: Thank you for the photo as they say....a picture says a thousand words. I do...
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    New Tires for 1974 Stock Uncut Bronco

    Hi guy's. I forgot to say the I'm using the original 15" Ford steel wheels that have also been restored. Thank's again. Ando :)
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    New Tires for 1974 Stock Uncut Bronco

    Hi guy's. I'm the proud new owner of a 1974 Stock Uncut Bronco and was wondering what size tires I can put on her? She has a 302 engine with a manual 3 speed on the column and will never be off-road. Note: Ground up restoration will be completed this weekend. Thank's for your help. Ando.