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  1. DirtDonk

    my build thread.......finally...Bocci?

    You literally made it through 140 pages of discussioneering, idears, design engineering, implementationating, time and money. Now is not the time to fret over an itty-bitty bit of wiring drama. Is it? :-) 😉
  2. DirtDonk

    my build thread.......finally...Bocci?

    Throw together a quick “wiring party” and make your bane more fun. I think just about everyone is ready to come out of the woodwork right about now. Unless your garage and barbecue are still buried in snow?
  3. DirtDonk

    D20 front yoke install question

    Well sheeoot. Sorry to hear you're having this kind of trouble. Is it a hard stop, or does it feel like it wants to start as you wobble it around? A little bit of wobbly movement and it may just need to be forced. A hard stop means something more troublesome. And no, you should not have to force...
  4. DirtDonk

    D20 front yoke install question

    Depends on the problem. Just what exactly is not working? Will the new one not slide over the splined shaft? Does the outer surface not fit within the seal? Is it sliding on but not all the way?
  5. DirtDonk


    Well, to my way of thinking, if it has anything to do with the rear end, then whether it’s during the build, or just refurbishing the differential, I would add it here. However, for the larger, overall build, I would start another thread with that in the title. Then add a link to this...
  6. DirtDonk

    migs Bronco Barn - a chronicle of what's happening at the new place

    The reinforcing flange is a great idea. They usually work great on those flimsy tin pans. The explorers use them on the steel oil pan and we’ve even used them on Corvair oil pans to good effect.
  7. DirtDonk

    What have you done to your Bronco today?

    Hopefully you got a few pics?
  8. DirtDonk

    Went to trade my 88 Bronco for a 74 Bronco but ended up with a 66 Scout!

    There ya go. Lighter than an average Bronco by about 400lbs. Thanks for looking that up.
  9. DirtDonk

    Steering bell to u-joint

    Nope. Some other non-bronco Ford’s do use the bell/tulip joint with power steering. But I’m pretty sure Justin‘s comment was pointing out that when Broncos went to power steering, they got rid of the bell, and went to a U joint plus a rag joint. Although, I suppose it’s possible that some late...
  10. DirtDonk

    77 bronco production

    Square/rectangular headlights were included in an option package for the full-size '78 trucks if you got the Ranger XLT option. Or perhaps it had to the the Lariat package? Not sure, but it was one of the higher up packages got the rectangular lights. In '79 they were on all the regular trucks...
  11. DirtDonk

    Barrett Jackson Broncos 2023

    Ahh, nevermind. I was looking at that and wondering what you were talking about. The image appeared at first to be of the side of the top, not the back. Now after staring at it for a few minutes, I see that it is indeed the liftgate as you were describing, and that your spare tire carrier is...
  12. DirtDonk

    Went to trade my 88 Bronco for a 74 Bronco but ended up with a 66 Scout!

    Yeah, but next time you're out there take a peek at how thick the sheet metal is and engine and other things. IH was a true industrial manufacturer! Now, all that said (because I had a '66 pickup) it would be very interesting to weigh one and get the actual numbers. Maybe they're the same, or at...
  13. DirtDonk

    Steering column firewall bracket?

    Anyone ever just cut the seal in half, or just one slice on the bottom, and installed it that way? Not a reasonable approach? Either phyically, or too much chance of fumage in the cabin? Just curious since I've never had to go through the fun of replacing one. paul
  14. DirtDonk

    77 bronco production

    Maybe the people you were talking to were thinking of the full-size trucks. Specifically the F250's, which did go through some major driveline, accessory and regulation changes mid-way through '77. Leading to the whole "mine's a '77.5 F250" thing. Two of those changes actually made it to our...
  15. DirtDonk


    And for any experts out there, does the presence of a spool in place of an actual differential have any indication for the reasons that the current gears are worn out or otherwise damaged? I know spools are usually the bane of anyone's existence when used on the street, but thought they were...
  16. DirtDonk

    Painless 28 circut Bronco harness with Holley Sniper questions.

    Only see one thing obviously wrong, but don't think it'll cause a three-alarm fire or anything. And might not really be categorized as "wrong" but might not be the best practice. That's the wires connected to the alternator side of the fuse, rather than the battery side. If the fuse blows and...
  17. DirtDonk

    Body Mount Order of Operation?

    Wow, one whole bolt came out clean. Count the small victories though, because some of use didn't even get that luxury! :D Nice job though, getting almost all of them out. Lots of work it sounds like, but most of them finally came around. You can count that as a big victory I'd say. Well, just...
  18. DirtDonk

    High oil pressure reading on my gauge???

    When you check it out, if you're not sure, or it doesn't match my admittedly vague descriptions, post up a picture so we can all check it out. Paul
  19. DirtDonk


    Great. You can put them in your "garage" or "gallery" locations in your User CP above. Or you can e-mail them to me at paulb@wildhorses4x4.com and I can post them up into this thread. Looking forward to seeing what you've got. The good news is that, either way, since the axles have obviously...
  20. DirtDonk

    Cam recommendation needed

    In my opinion though, "making torque and horsepower" actually CAN be secondary for an engine driven on the street and trail compared to drivability. Especially when it's also a daily driver. Fuel economy and lower emissions are actually a thing we can be happy with, and proud of with our more...