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    Flat tappet cam in roller block?

    Yea, just that the pin location on a 5.315 has a .912 pin....and like I said it mostly comes down to dollars....
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    Flat tappet cam in roller block?

    John: It's just Parts Already have the block, cam, lifters, dual roller timing chain, oil pump ect.... with a forged stock crank. So I can take the .225 over H Beam rods (which have 7/16 ARP Bolts) and get a 5.315 stroke, so it's just the bore that determines the final size. Forged Pistons...
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    Flat tappet cam in roller block?

    I have found a std bore NOS roller block and a set of H beam rods @ .225 over stock with .912 pin I have found one company that sells the pistons for this stroker (standard crank), think it produces a 327 standard bore or 331 @.30 over bore..... I plan on keeping it standard bore. Anyone...
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    Flat tappet cam in roller block?

    Thanks to all thought it would work, just wanted to make sure... Nick
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    Flat tappet cam in roller block?

    Can a Flat tappet cam be used in the roller block (302)? Thanks, Nick
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    302 Stroker?

    Many options for .225 rods I found many vendors that sell the .225 over rods, just did not know what the build was/is... Now I know....Thanks to all, Nick
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    302 Stroker?

    Thought I mentioned it, but they are .912 pins so it takes the 3.25 stroke with the 5.315 rods which = 331 Nick
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    302 Stroker?

    Found it! 3.25 crank with the 5.315 rods =331 stroker
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    302 Stroker?

    I can't find a combo Unless my math is off these rods are 5.315 inches in length and I don't see a combo that uses that length rod??? Thanks, Nick
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    302 Stroker?

    Not a real "Ford Guy" but have built a lot of engines, and have a chance to buy a set of ford 302 rods (standard pin and crank size) that are .225 longer than stock. Is there a crank, rod, piston combo that will produce a stroker with that length rod(s) in a 302 block? Thanks, Nick
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    TN D44 disc conversion

    I'm interested but can't this be done without replacing the knuckles? Thanks, Nick
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    MI Half Cab Kit $300 - SOLD

    Bulkhead? I'm interested in the bulkhead, would you sell and ship? Thanks, Nick
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    Great Narrow & Tall Tire Source!!!!!!

    http://www.universaltire.com/truck-and-military/truck.html Take a look..... Nick
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    Is less than 190 degrees too cool?

    HP or Engine Life On our dyno runs, up to the point of Pre - Detonation (ABNORMAL COMBUSTION), the higher temp the higher the HP output HOWEVER for engine life the water output (out of the rad) temp should be around 170-180 deg F. This puts the engine oil temp on avg 10 deg F higher...
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    2.5" lift kit suggestions

    Changed to BCB W/Winch Went with progressive 2.5 on the front of my LUBR new springs from a swap meet so I won't say whose name was on them...I have winch, AC, dual batteries.... The progressives were junk, set lower in the front, sag on the left side...Picked up a set of Chucks 2.5 w/winch...
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    badmuttstang Are you saying that you have full width axles? I'm also trying to make a decision on flares and I want my tires about even with the edge of the flares.... Thanks, Nick
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    Major Emergency

    Yea put a new filter on it... If you did not break an oil pres line or something then it's most likely the oil filter
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    Colt 1911 ACP to trade for Bronco Parts

    Would also work on deals for tire/wheel pgk 16-17" for a LUBR
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    Snapped a spindle/axle Tougher replacment?

    If you want another point of view... http://www.automedia.com/Inspect,_Replace_and_Repack_Wheel_Bearings/ccr20050201wb/1 The Too Much to Bear section gives the same account...
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    Snapped a spindle/axle Tougher replacment?

    Then one has to ask? How did I know the bearing was going to be "welded" to the spindle before he posted a picture and said it was?