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  1. nvrstuk

    Ford SBF plastic mock up block

    Who has used one in the past, what is the weight? I need to pull the body off of mine I figure 3 more times and it would be so much easier if I could find a mock up block this. I am needing a mock up for a 6r80 also but since it doesn't say "LS" it's hard to find! :( I am interested in...
  2. nvrstuk

    AMP or other brand of step for 4 door

    Looking for my best friend who's new Bronco is arriving next week. He won't be getting into it unless he has a step. Who makes a good brand and who has one in stock? Thanks.
  3. nvrstuk

    6r80 clicking noises...

    I've had my 6r in for a couple years, done some troubleshooting on others and am installing another one in a 2WD Bronco. A week ago I was following a thread on a 6r forum about a guy who recorded clicking noises coming from his 6r when turning on the key (engine not running). Sounded like...
  4. nvrstuk

    A9 to A9P ECU swap.... (again)

    I am swapping over from A9l to A9P's. I currently use the A9L on a DD. I have several A9P's and just want consistency if I need to replace a unit AND I will be using the A9P's with Qtrhorse on by my stroker pwr'd Broncos. I do not have NSS connected to either rig but will eventually and will...
  5. nvrstuk

    Instrument cluster upgrades and cool looking gauge clusters. Feel free to post up pics of yours if you'd like!

    I am building a slammed, chopped 2WD Bronco and am looking for OE looking Bronco gauge clusters. I would like it updated with maybe a tach or something similar built in. Ideas or lines on something almost stock but different? I found some...
  6. nvrstuk

    10R80 Stand alone controllers... no luck

    After having the opportunity to install a brand new Factory Ford 10r into my Shorty build, I once again surfed the net and called USShift about Stand Alone Controller support for a 10r. I talked to a guy last fall who had contacted USShift and he was told by the end of '21. When I talked with...
  7. nvrstuk

    Any 3.5 Ecoboost TT installs in a Bronco?

    Any 3.5 Ecoboost TT installs in a Bronco? Will it physically fit w/o body lift? I don't have struts or spring towers to worry about but height...?
  8. nvrstuk

    Chopped, slammed, bagged, tubbed, lowered floors, 418 w/blower, 6r80, 1/2 cab, Bronco Hot Rod

    Starting this thread over! lol Been looking for a start for years. Called on several the past few years, actually called on this project 1 1/2 years ago. It looks good in the pics but nothings done the way I want it or done right. Frame is sitting on the rear axle, MII struts have been...
  9. nvrstuk

    Bronco Christmas Cards...

    :) Our first Christmas card of the season and definitely the coolest looking one I'll get I'm sure. Thanks G.
  10. nvrstuk

    Earliest date to order a new "real" Bronco was?

    Thanks, just trying to find out when or IF my buddy has a chance of ever getting his. He just got invited to our local dealership 2 days ago to actually convert his reservation to an order! :(
  11. nvrstuk

    WA Wanted- Lowered 2 WD Bronco

    Looking for a 2 wheel drive Bronco. It can be slammed but needs no frt end and prefer Rack & Pinion up front.
  12. nvrstuk

    6r80 NSS wire that supplies a ground connection

    I have a Quick 6 Gen 2 in a 6r80 for over a year and am trying to get the NSS to work for finishing tuning. Is Pin 1 (on the 16 pin connector) with the gray wire the source for this connection? All I need is a ground signal when and only when the the 6r80 is in P or N. No voltage, just a ground...
  13. nvrstuk

    Available brands of waterpumps for 96-01, 5.0, Exploder

    Top brands, not some Autozone Murray special. I know there's Motorcraft still available although they are a case impeller now as the impeller doesn't look the same as the OE back 20 yrs ago. I also know that FlowKooler makes them. They last about 1 yr with normal driving then the project...
  14. nvrstuk

    MAF failure symptoms, diagnostics

    I suddenly have a very lean running condition, very weak acceleration with my wide band O2 meter showing 16-17:1. It usually runs 14 or so to 1 when just cruising. When I hammer the pedal it pegs the wide band to 17:1. Sometimes it pegs the meter then after 5 seconds or so, sometimes it will...
  15. nvrstuk

    Amazing- coefficient of drag and what lift will do to Bronco mpg

    Hence the title- The numbers blew me away. I couldnt image that a round driving light would have 10 times the drag that an aerodynamic shaped strut or wing would have. Check this out. Multiple times on mpg threads I have shown what lifting a Bronco does to mileage. I used to keep logs on...
  16. nvrstuk

    Moates Qtrhorse... looking for somebody with an extra one and ...

    So, the batteries in them only last so long... :) Does anybody have a good Moates Qtrhorse that has a removeable battery that can get me by for a 2 weeks? I know, crazy request. Then I can tell a bit more of my story. lol
  17. nvrstuk

    Porting 4x4x2 box in a non-typical spot... thoughts?

    I need to port my 4 by 4 by 2 Box in a different place due to tires hitting it And frame interference. Where the panda's sticking out that is a port for a left hand turn and I want to Tap the top of the Box for right hand turn check out my picks see what you think
  18. nvrstuk

    Exploder 5.0 fans. Plastic and Steel, years manufactured

    What years did the 5.0 Exploder have plastic fans and what years did they have steel fans? I know back in '13 this thread came up but no dates were posted for the different fans. Anything else you know about them, post up if you would. thanks
  19. nvrstuk

    Insurance claim with State Farm on your Bronco?

    Has anybody filed a claim with State Farm on a Bronco? If you don't want to share online please PM me. No- I have not nor do I ever hope I need to. Just looking for any positive experience. State Farm only replies-thanks.
  20. nvrstuk

    Not allowed to edit my own post... anyone help?

    So I'm trying to edit a first page post on a long build thread that I started a couple years back and when I try this is the page that comes up... "Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an...