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  1. thegreatjustino

    Front Disc Conversion Pads?

    The GM brake setup is a sliding design where the caliper will move closer to the knuckle as the pads wear. If the knuckles aren't clearanced correctly, once the pads get below a certain thickness, the calipers can no longer slide to take up the slack and your brakes will not work correctly.
  2. thegreatjustino

    Fuel Pump Question 1967 170 Six

    It says for 1969 and up because 1969 didn't have vacuum wipers. It's saying in stock form, this won't be the correct pump for your 1967. If you're removing the electric wipers and don't need the vacuum provision of the fuel pump, this will work fine. You can also look up an inline six fuel...
  3. thegreatjustino

    WA 16" steelies?

    People seem to be talking about two different things here. The full center section is different yes, but others seem to be talking about the four spaces around the edge - which I've seen and am familiar with the two different styles. The phrase "straight cut centers instead of the earlier "D"...
  4. thegreatjustino

    Pump to Carb fuel line Return?

    Only if the Bronco came with two tanks. My stock '73 Ranger with the return system in place was ordered with just the main tank, so no fuel switching valve at all under the seat.
  5. thegreatjustino

    WA 16" steelies?

    Curious minds would like to know what this difference is.
  6. thegreatjustino

    What year is this dusty Bronco?

    Doors are clearly not 66/67 style. I've never seen the Type 2 289 fender emblem on a Bronco. Always the type one.
  7. thegreatjustino

    Oh no!!! Big oly!!

  8. thegreatjustino

    Manual steering shaft removal

    Loosen the column from the firewall so you can move the shaft to the passenger side of the frame rail and slide it out. Or, if you don't care about keeping the shaft for anything, cut it in half. Take the lower half out through the hood and the upper half out through the steering column into...
  9. thegreatjustino

    What year is this dusty Bronco?

    Side marker lights were added in 1970. All '69 Broncos had reflectors. Here's an early one with vacuum wipers and reflectors that I sold a couple of years ago.
  10. thegreatjustino

    What year is this dusty Bronco?

    1968 was the first year it was available. The 68-77 doors with a 289 would be the '68 dead giveaway vs. anything else.
  11. thegreatjustino

    What year is this dusty Bronco?

    Those are reflectors, not side marker lights. With the 289 and 68-77 doors, the Bronco would have to be a '68.
  12. thegreatjustino

    67 Door

    When I've seen people mix and match the two types of doors, I've much more commonly seen the door modified than the striker post on the body. However, I see no reason why you couldn't cut out the round striker and backing plate it bolts to then install an oval striker and backing plate in the...
  13. thegreatjustino

    CA Stock power steering setup

    OEM power steering setup for an Early Bronco: 6 turn box with mounting bolts and pitman arm OEM Thompson pump with pulley Pump bracket dipstick pump adjusting bracket pressure hose return hose OEM EB power steering cooler OEM 76/77 telescoping lower steering shaft - u-joint will need to be...
  14. thegreatjustino

    Question for Gupster

    Click on his username and then click the Start Conversation (PM) button.
  15. thegreatjustino

    CA Dana 20 output shaft housing

    Dana 20 output shaft housing $150 obo
  16. thegreatjustino

    ADMIN Apologies for the downtime this week (aka server upgrade from hell!)

    Like a crack head on withdrawl... o_O