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  1. Slowleak

    Anybody in Montana know this one

    My brother just spotted this one in Missoula. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Slowleak

    Battery hold down/stabilizer question

    I'm trying to utilize the battery stabilizer bracket on my ‘77, but things don't line up. I would assume the hole in the tray lip, where the rod attaches, should line up vertically with the hole in the stabilizer bracket, but it is about 2 inches off. Anybody know what is going on here? Were...
  3. Slowleak

    Muffler sale....

    Looks like Advance Auto is clearing out their Dynomax inventory. They have some good deals if you can find one that fits.
  4. Slowleak

    Door seal escapades....

    For those of you who are tired of messing with upper door seals and glue, this stuff fits great and you just push it on over the flange. I’m still fine tuning and trimming but it’s much easier than messing with glue. It hides your old glue residue and has that nice woven texture on the inside...
  5. Slowleak

    Hagerty article - Driving the 40-years-lost Boss Bronco prototype

    This may have been posted already.... https://www.hagerty.com/media/automotive-history/driving-the-40-years-lost-boss-bronco-prototype/?utm_source=SFMC&utm_medium=email&utm_content=20_September_1_Newsletter_NewDD
  6. Slowleak

    GA Relay

    I need an Ogulator relay for a ‘62 Bronco. Hoping Ron in Montana might have one.....
  7. Slowleak

    1970 Bronco Raptor - Hagerty article

  8. Slowleak

    GA C4 valve body

    Anybody got a stock, unmolested C4 valve body they want to part with? If it has the hockey puck, 4 check balls, all the springs, and a separator plate gasket, then there is a good chance it is stock.... mine doesn’t.
  9. Slowleak

    C4 Valve body tag

    I dug an old valve body out of my parts stash. It’s got a H50A tag on it. Anybody know if this correct for a Bronco?
  10. Slowleak

    GA ‘66 front end & Tailgate....

    Not mine.... https://atlanta.craigslist.org/sat/pts/d/juliette-1966-ford-bronco-front-clip/6922934811.html
  11. Slowleak

    SOLD 69 Wagon in Calidamnfornia...

  12. Slowleak

    GA Upper windshield trim

    I need the trim piece that fits on the upper passenger side of the windshield. I looked everywhere at Super Cel and only found full sets or driver side pieces. Anybody got one they want to part with? It should look like this, except without the dent... [emoji846]
  13. Slowleak

    Bronco restoration shop in Georgia

    Here’s a weblink for the Bronco shop I found a few miles from me. They have quite a few for sale.... https://vintagebroncos.co/
  14. Slowleak


    I filled out a Hagerty survey a few days ago and complained about their coverage restrictions hampering my ability to fully enjoy my Bronco. Well, Luke from Hagerty called a few minutes ago and told me that they have relaxed their usage restrictions. I suspected that from some things I have...
  15. Slowleak

    Paint repair ticket...

    Anybody else found one of these? It was rolled up and sitting on the ledge over the window on the passenger side. I found it when I pulled the headliner out of my ‘77 years ago. Looks like my Bronco had a paint run, scratch, or something in that same spot where I found the rolled up form. The...
  16. Slowleak

    Rear seat tracks...

    I got tired of my cooler not fitting behind the rear seat so I put some tracks under it. Now I’ve got about 6 inches of forward travel and a few inches to the rear. I found some Humvee tracks on eBay for $19.00 and they are just the right size. I had to drill them to match the bolt holes and I...
  17. Slowleak

    GA Nice used Kelly Wintermark whitewall M&S tires.... SOLD!!

    Set of 4 235/75/15 tires. Steel belted radials with the old school look. They have maybe 4000 miles on them. One rear looks like new the other has slight wear. Fronts have standard side wear from cornering. Date stamp on these is 4/09 which is about when I bought them. No signs of rot or...
  18. Slowleak

    SOLD 66 Roadster

  19. Slowleak

    Front bump stops...

    On my ‘77, the driver side front bump stop has a fat washer under it which raises it higher above the mounting bracket. The passenger side does not. Anybody know if this is normal? Don’t see it being a problem but I’m curious.
  20. Slowleak

    Kool Rest

    Dang if I didn’t just get lucky on eBay! I snagged a Kool Rest for $23! This is the bigger version of my Little Kool Rest. Same color. I’m hoping it fits ok. Seems a little wider than the small one...