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  1. Joker11

    What have you done to your Bronco today?

    I sold it. After all these years, work and fun. I sold it to BigSlim.
  2. Joker11

    SOLD 1969 Ford Bronco loaded with goodies

    Sorry guys! Sold to a member here!!! Closing thread.
  3. Joker11

    SOLD 1969 Ford Bronco loaded with goodies

    Gents, I am trying to upload some more detailed pics. Sit tite. I also got all the PMs. gimme a bit.
  4. Joker11

    SOLD 1969 Ford Bronco loaded with goodies

    Hey guys! So much has happened since I posted this. I got laid off in June 2020. Still want to sell. Dropping price to $15k. PM me and let’s talk!
  5. Joker11

    Explorer OBD2 Harness Re-work

    Ya, I didn’t mean to leave wires hanging. I just meant it seems like a hassle to unwrap and re wrap just to pull wires out as opposed to capping them off. I am running a ZF5 spd so I won’t be using the trans harness. I think it is kinda neat to run a “Mostly” OBD2 system. Makes repair fun with...
  6. Joker11

    Explorer OBD2 Harness Re-work

    I want to keep the emissions system for the most part, minus the fuel tank issue due to it’s complication and incompatibility. I have the complete VATS system, why not use it? I get deleting what you don’t want, but why not just clip the unused connectors off as opposed to reworking the...
  7. Joker11

    Explorer OBD2 Harness Re-work

    I may have asked this before so I apologize. If I have a complete explorer as a donor, and I transfer everything over to the bronco, why do I need to modify the harness?
  8. Joker11

    Donor 2000 Explorer - What to Keep

    Mine is a 99
  9. Joker11

    Cost to have 9" gears changed?

    Holy moley. I paid $650.00 for ALL labor for a master rebuild/gear change on my Dana70HD.
  10. Joker11

    Donor 2000 Explorer - What to Keep

    Well, there is a lot to add to this thread. It really depends on what you plan to do. Are you going to run the evap system? Are you going to keep 2,4 or 0 O2 sensors? Are you going manual or auto trans?
  11. Joker11

    Explorer Swap Fuel Feed

    I have no idea what you are talking about. But since I am in the middle of an engine swap from a 99 explorer into my 69, I am sure I will find out!
  12. Joker11

    Dana 30 to Dana 44 swap

    I have a 69 with the D30. I pretty much treat it like a mule and it has not failed me yet. Thats the only reason I have not upgraded yet.
  13. Joker11

    SOLD 1969 Ford Bronco loaded with goodies

    UPDATE: Thank you for all the replies, emails and PMs. You guys are awesome. I am working in AZ and CA right now. I will try and get some more pictures and details as soon as I can. Now that I have a better idea on where I am going financially, I can say that the price is going to come down...
  14. Joker11

    SOLD 1969 Ford Bronco loaded with goodies

    Good point! There is rust through on the driver and passenger floorboards at the toes. Right at the point where the flat parts meets the part going up to the firewall. Everything else is solid.
  15. Joker11

    SOLD 1969 Ford Bronco loaded with goodies

    Guys, Life has come at me pretty hard lately. This is not the plan I had, but it is what it is. I am looking to get out of this Bronco due to family hardship. I am not dead set on price here. But I had to start somewhere. I know we don’t get back out what we put into our labor of love. But...
  16. Joker11

    AZ 1969 Ford Bronco with lots of goodies

    Duplicate listing. Sorry.
  17. Joker11

    Which type of wrencher are you?

    What are good clothes?
  18. Joker11

    anybody running a two in two out muffler

    76Bronco302, I really like that idea.
  19. Joker11

    Early Bronco Sightings

    I keep seeing one in Plaster City, CA on Evan Hewes Hwy. I saw one yesterday on a trailer heading eastbound on I-8 east of Yuma, AZ. Plus I keep seeing a black one everyday when go to work. Oh yea, that one's mine.
  20. Joker11

    A word on VIN numbers

    I have been biting my tongue on this one. Mostly because I got flamed on a Chevelle website about my Chevelle. I understand that us Bronco owners don't want to get stuck with a fake or a stolen. Don't get me wrong. But both my Chevelle and my Bronco are so old that they are both capable of...