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Search results

  1. mxer

    OH WTB 4.10 dana 44 gears high pinion

    Looking for 4.10 gears for a dana 44 high pinion reverse roation. and carrier or locker also Thanks
  2. mxer

    SOLD 9" side adjuster

    I need the side adjuster for a ford 9 inch center section. I need drivers side and mine is the 2.891 the smaller bearing center. I broke a axle and it messed mine up. Thanks
  3. mxer

    SOLD Ford 9" detroit locker 28 spline free shipping

    Here is a Detroit locker for a ford 9 inch axle 28 spline. This was in my rig for about last 6 years. I broke a right axle about 3 years ago and reacently a left axle so I am upgrading to 31 spline locker and axles. Locker works good it is chewed up some inside before splines where axle broke...
  4. mxer

    SOLD yj crawler d44 9" v8 ford

    price drop 2000 without wheels and tires
  5. mxer

    SOLD yj crawler d44 9" v8 ford

    2500 without tires and wheels 3300 with
  6. mxer

    SOLD yj crawler d44 9" v8 ford

    Make me a offer i have been wheeling in backyard with this it works real good with longer wheel base
  7. mxer

    SOLD yj crawler d44 9" v8 ford

    351yj a member on here originally built this i think
  8. mxer

    SOLD yj crawler d44 9" v8 ford

    Don't beat those broncos up. Save your sheet metal and beat on this heep
  9. mxer

    pinion depth question????

    OK im putting a gear set in my dana 44. Gears have been changed before so starting from scratch not sure what shimming it started with. Got pinion depth to recommended distance. Shimmed carrier to set backlash, got that. Moved pinion towards ring gear to achieve good pattern. Here is...
  10. mxer

    SOLD yj crawler d44 9" v8 ford

    http://columbus.craigslist.org/cto/4682655049.html Here is a yj jeep wrangler for sale with no title. Jeep is a good crawler/climber runs good u can wheel it now. Has a full cage but it needs tied into frame. Has a few rust holes in rear of frame (can be fixed easily) needs a few minor touches...
  11. 77 trail rig

    77 trail rig

  12. 1967 ROADSTER

    1967 ROADSTER

  13. mxer

    SOLD Factory jack & handle clamps

    Factory jack handle mounting hardware what u see in pic not sure if lug wrench is factory(it is bent some) REST IN GOOD SHAP
  14. mxer

    OH Full set of factory seats front and rear

    anyone need seats rear seats are in decent shape
  15. mxer

    OH Full set of factory seats front and rear

    New covers and drivers seat foam is all u need
  16. mxer

    SOLD Nice dash factory dash pad

    Took out of 68 about 10 years ago has been warped up in plastic kept inside and great $100 plus shipping 7405781078 thanks