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  1. mavereq

    3.5l ecoboost in a Bronco

    Ford transit vans have ps pumps on the same 4 rib belt as the a/c pump
  2. mavereq

    Opinions on Aluminum Beadlocks

    I bought trail ready from filthy Motorsports. I ordered mine with the backspacing I wanted.
  3. mavereq

    Dan Wheeler's Rear 4-Link Thread

    Looks great Dan!
  4. mavereq

    Third times a charm v3.0

    What's the thickness of sheetmetal on those?
  5. mavereq

    Third times a charm v3.0

    Killer stance
  6. mavereq

    Third times a charm v3.0

    Ranger truggy. This is the front half. The back half will be all tube.
  7. mavereq

    Third times a charm v3.0

    I need to finish this other frame first
  8. mavereq

    Third times a charm v3.0

    It's looking great. It makes me itchy to get back on mine. I just have four other projects to knock out and then I'm on it.
  9. mavereq

    Show off your half cab bronco

    What are your plans for the full top?
  10. mavereq

    CA I usually don't post these kind of threads, but really?

    I like the color. There, I said something nice
  11. mavereq

    WA Wtb zf-5

    Looking for a sbf pattern ZF5.
  12. mavereq

    The latest on nerf bar options?

    I can make them but I'd really want to have the vehicle to do the full install.
  13. mavereq

    Full width 9" ?

    Isn't your engine shifted a few inches toward the passenger side as well?
  14. mavereq

    Full width 9" ?

    78-79 f150 axles in mine. Rear lined up perfectly. I have equal length axles.
  15. mavereq

    69 bronco rear 1/4s

    They're custom, and look very well done. BAC made some for his rig.
  16. mavereq

    Third times a charm v3.0

    Looking good
  17. mavereq

    Third times a charm v3.0

    Won't you have to shorten up your towers?
  18. mavereq

    Third times a charm v3.0

    You don't have to be exactly at 10 degrees.