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  1. 66Uncut

    CA 73 Stroppe $190k

    Spotted this 73 Stroppe this morning for $190k at a boutique dealership in Newport Beach https://www.copleywest.com/showroom/1973-ford-baja-bronco-by-stroppe/ Back in 2018, it was listed in AZ for $110k...
  2. 66Uncut

    What's going on here?

    I spotted this in the Classic.com Bronco market report. Stated as not sold with the high bid being around $25k (asking $75k). How much benefit is there in running a 170 with "dual Stromberg carburetors" and is the benefit enough to cut a hole through -- what looks to be -- an original 66 hood...
  3. 66Uncut

    Anyone recognize this Orange County CA Bronco?

    Hey Sonny....sent you a text message. Nice to hear you were able to hook up with Sean. Hope he's able to resolve your issues! Cheers
  4. 66Uncut

    Anyone recognize this Orange County CA Bronco?

    Does this Bronco belong to anyone here? It is on the Yelp page of the shop where my 66 currently is. I'd love to have a quick chat with the owner about the shop and the owner's opinion of the work performed. They may be doing quite a bit of work on mine in the very near future. Send a quick PM...
  5. 66Uncut

    Official Dash Diagram Thread

    Doing some dash/wiring research and I noticed that, too. What really stood out to me, is that, like mine, the gutter appears to be spot welded rather than screwed. I wonder what the production month on that one is? @eaglenest66 ?
  6. 66Uncut

    Cobra Tachometer (66 Dealer Option)

    Cool, I've seen that brochure but wasn't sure of the date it was released. Good to know it predates the 289 so most likely a 6 cylinder tach existed. The logo on the drawing sure looks similar to the Cobra logo on the V8 tach. I wonder if there was there any other literature that specifically...
  7. 66Uncut

    Cobra Tachometer (66 Dealer Option)

    I've seen mention of the Cobra Tachometer in some of the old rare 66 Parts threads and was curious if this is the tach that was a dealer installed option? There's a few on eBay right now but they're all for V8. Was this just a dealer option after the 289 was offered? Was there also a 6...
  8. 66Uncut

    ACP 170 Radiator with offset filler

    Final update on this. The ACP was installed but it required some modification. The upper nipple on the ACP is further from the edge than it is on the Tom's radiator and would have interfered with the fan. One of the shop guys had experience making custom radiators for hot rods and was able to...
  9. 66Uncut

    ACP 170 Radiator with offset filler

    I ordered a 6 cylinder radiator from Tom's and also the ACP FM-ER002. Here are some comparison shots with the upper mounting holes lined up. The ACP will sit a little bit higher under the hood. I'm not sure if this extra height will interfere with anything. There is just barely enough room to...
  10. 66Uncut

    Possible to deal with chassis rust without taking the body off the frame?

    I've seen before/after videos of dry ice cleaning but I doubt it's cheap and it probably can't reach the top side of the frame. The results look pretty good for the surfaces it does reach.
  11. 66Uncut

    OH PRICE DROP! 1968 U13 documented as the second last U13 made!

    Very cool U13. Looks like it has one of the OE 10-screw Carter fuel pumps but with the vacuum lines plugged? Did 68s not have vacuum wipers?
  12. 66Uncut

    BAT Craziness

    Looks like Scouts are trying to join the party. Anyone see that little red Scout 80? It was bid up to $40k but didn't meet the reserve. I wouldn't trade my 66 for it but it was definitely a cool little truck. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1964-international-harvester-scout-80-15/
  13. 66Uncut

    IA FS 1966 U15 & 1978 Freewheelin

    Great couple of rigs! Fully agree with Ford Man; that 66 is kinda perfect as-is. I'd guess both of these will go quickly. Love the tires on the 66. Are those OE Power Kings with whitewalls? So cool. I would love to find something similar. Any chance you could measure the distance from the door...
  14. 66Uncut

    Funny stories of how you got a bronco

    I wouldn't say mine is a funny story but rather documents a point in my life. It was 2012, I was newly single, in my early 40s, and some sort of mid-life crisis was brewing. The only history I had with Broncos was that I remembered them growing up as a kid and it was a car I'd considered in high...
  15. 66Uncut

    ACP 170 Radiator with offset filler

    Hey @okie4570 just checking to see if you were able to get a radiator measurement. I exchanged a few more emails with the guy at ACP and his last message ended with: If it's just the core height that is different, then maybe it will work. With width and thickness being the same, I'm tempted to...
  16. 66Uncut

    New bronco wave?

    I kinda get the same vibe. I'll wave back to anyone that waves. When I'm in the 66, I'll throw a wave, peace sign, shaka, or nod to just about anyone in a cool, old car, including FJs, Land Rovers, and even the old van crowd (VW, Dodge, Econoline, etc). I joke with my wife that driving the...
  17. 66Uncut

    1966 170 fuel pump

    @okie4570 After learning about 10 screw fuel pumps back in 2013 I had been on the search for one and finally found one a few years ago. Being the slacker that I am, I still haven't installed it. I'm hoping to get around to it by the end of the year :D Since the post of yours that I quoted was...
  18. 66Uncut

    New brake kits

    Good to know. Thanks! I thought I linked to the kit that fit 15" wheels but I might've got the wrong one.
  19. 66Uncut

    New brake kits

    Since deciding not to sell my 66, I've been considering a few safety upgrades for it and brakes are on the list. I've only been casually looking at upgrades (mostly Wilwood) so it's nice to see this kit as an alternative option. This kit comes with a new master cylinder. Will the new master...
  20. 66Uncut

    ACP 170 Radiator with offset filler

    Another curse of the 66! ;) Yeah, I'd love it if you could grab some measurements. Since the offset is 66 only, maybe it's possible that the part number C6TZ-8005-P is just the generic number for a compatible 66-69 170 radiator and not the specific part for 66s? It would be great if the...