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  1. Scoop

    Need a Measurement

    I'm installing an overflow tank on my 72. I need the location of the 2 holes on the passenger side inner fender to mount it. It mounts at a slight angle.
  2. Scoop

    New Car Dealer Mark Ups

    This was a surprise! Here is an article on new models with the biggest dealer mark-ups. I was expecting to see Bronco as the number 1. It is in the top ten but all the way down at number 8. Big Dealer Mark-Ups The 2-door Wrangler is highest at 26.7%, The new Maverick is number 2 at 25.0%...
  3. Scoop

    Texas Off-Roadeo

    I was able to do the Texas Off-Rodeo course on Wednesday. It was pretty awesome! Very impressed with the New Bronco (I was in Badlands Sasquatch soft top), very impressed with the facilities, very impressed with the course! The course is basic (designed for people new to Broncos and off...
  4. Scoop

    Basesquatch For Sale at Local Dealer

    I was having some warranty work done on my Raptor at Alpine Ford (Formerly Spradley Ford) in Pueblo CO and looked at a a Bronco they had for sale. A Base 2-door model with the Sasquatch package, roof rack, up fitter switches, and 10-spd auto. Not sure if it was the 2.3 or 2.7. Sales guy said...
  5. Scoop

    Loss of Bronco Brother - RIP Dennis

    Dennis Hochgraber passed away early this morning due to COVID complications. He fought bravely until the last minute surrounded by his wife Debra and daughters. Many of you knew Dennis who has been active for many years in the Texas Bronco community. He was a past President of the Lonestar...
  6. Scoop

    Turning my Trail Rig into an Overlanding Capable Rig

    A few Bronco friends and I are planning an overlanding trip after the Bronco Super Celebration West in September. We did a 3-day trip last year from Buena Vista to Moab. This year will be the same departure and destination but over a different route and it will be 5 days! I just threw stuff...
  7. Scoop

    Houston, we have lift off!

    First lift on the new 2-post hoist. Instructions said two persons a few hours to install. They lied.
  8. Scoop

    Used Bronco Sport

    Saw one today at the local Ford dealer ready to be put on the used car lot! I did not inquire about the asking price. I was there early in the morning for some maintenance on my Raptor. This was before the sales folks came in. I was surprised to see a used one for sale so soon.
  9. Scoop

    The Sport on Hell's Revenge.

    Here's a good video by Vaughn Gittin Jr. which shows the Sport doing pretty well on Hell's Revenge. It's no Bronco but still pretty impressive for being a Subaru fighter. All you Sport Haters, please keep an open mind, watch the capability and ignore the name!! (At least for the 12 minutes of...
  10. Scoop


    My buddy sent me a pic of his rental while he and his wife are in Alabama on vacation. He is 6'2" or 3" and I asked him how he fits in it. He's not responded yet. He has a very nice 96 FSB here in Colorado.
  11. Scoop

    HEIC Format??

    It appears the forum does not take the new Apple HEIC photo format. Is there an upgrade planned? Thanks.
  12. Scoop

    Ford Announces First Public Appearance of 2021 Bronco - SUPER CELEBRATION WEST!

    Check it out! September 9-12, 2020 Buena Vista Colorado! First Public Appearance
  13. Scoop

    2021 Bronco on Escalator!

    This should get Jeep shaking in their boots! Stock 2021 Bronco going up Escalator, then DOWN Escalator, then up Escalator BACKWARDS! If this does not prove to you that the new Bronco is more than a mall crawler then you will never be convinced. I think this is the 4-door Badlands with...
  14. Scoop

    Bronco Reveal Watch Party - July 13 at 7:30 East Coast Time

    The Bronco Nation will be hosting an on-line Reveal Party starting at 7:30 East Coast time. This is 30 minutes earlier than the network broadcasts which have been announced. The first 30 minutes will be special guest presentations about the new Bronco. At 8:00 the official Ford commercials...
  15. Scoop

    Wolf Caves Opened this Weekend!

    With Texas easing up on lockdown restrictions, Wolf Caves, Mason, TX was able to open up with a limited number of people in the Park. To get in you had to email WC and get on a confirmation list. With that green light a small drop of LEBC members were able to go. It could not have been a...
  16. Scoop

    San Antonio TX Meet & Greet Next Saturday 2/29

    See posting on LEBC web site. Or on LEBC FB Group. If you can't come in your Bronco that's OK - just come for inspiration!!
  17. Scoop

    Should the Classic/Early Bronco be Called Gen 1? Your Thoughts?

    There was an interesting comment over in the Tech lounge. It's not tech so I thought I'd bring it over here. After a Newbie referred to his as a Gen 1 the following was part a reply: I strongly agree with the early Bronco and classic Bronco terms but the cats already out of the bag on this...
  18. Scoop

    King of the Hammers

    Who's watching KOH? Ford and Bronco are getting plugged a lot. "Ford Short Course" "Ford Bronco Arch" "Ford Bronco Leader Board" Ultra 4 Racing Feed Facebook Feed
  19. Scoop

    Fuel Sending Unit Leak

    I have installed a new main gas tank and new sending unit in my 72 Bronco. I have re-installed the sending unit 2 times and it continues to leak past the seal. I first installed it dry with the tank out of the bronco and on end so that the seal was laying horizontal. When I discovered the...
  20. Scoop

    Super Celebration WEST?

    Anybody seen this? Colorado, September 9-13, 2020? Some info here: Bronco Driver Magazine