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  1. trekgurl

    Pics of uncut - LUBR with pre runner style bumpers

    Well not exactly pre runner style.. I guess. I just had somebody make a front and rear, minimal. mostly tucked and sucked in,,, and I could put a weed whacker on the front I guess....:p. Still need finish the back,,, but everything on a eb is in perpetual state of flux... meaning you do a...
  2. trekgurl

    What have you done to your Bronco today?

    Pricey little thing ain't it.... (well I guess everything is pricey now :rolleyes:. ) Looks like it belongs though. Say it works pretty good?
  3. trekgurl

    Any newer stereo setups?

    I'm no stereo person,, so when I wanted to put a stereo in my eb, I used the retro sound unit in the dash (looks like an old radio) and it has BT and a bunch of stuff I haven't even tried,, but plays thumb drives of my music and it will connect to my iphone etc etc,. Some people don't like the...
  4. trekgurl

    16" factory option Bronco steel wheels and tire options

    no rubbing steering/ tracking or beating on it,,, I cannot answer to a lot of off camber wheeling though, as I haven't done anything serious I guess. Sometimes my beating can be serious though :devilish:
  5. trekgurl's mess

    trekgurl's mess

    69 Bronco
  6. 014.JPG


  7. bronco_trailer 011.jpg

    bronco_trailer 011.jpg

  8. IMG_0639.JPG


  9. IMG_0640.JPG


  10. IMG_0641.JPG


  11. IMG_0644.JPG


  12. trekgurl

    New Fuel Tank Design

    Lets see,,,, if I put that 2K tank on my 6K bronco.......Holy Moly,,, that must be the tank for one of those $250K builds o_Oo_Oo_O. and I thought $600 for my 18gal aerotank was breath taking.
  13. trekgurl

    I Gave My Bronco Away Today...

    very nice,,,,,, especially in these times when so many have forgotten what owning and experiencing an early bronco is really all about. The value of memories and experiences is so much more important in the journey of life.
  14. trekgurl

    ADMIN Apologies for the downtime this week (aka server upgrade from hell!)

    thanks, for all you do Jon,,,(y) your work on this site and attention to detail is always appreciated.🏆
  15. trekgurl

    Big fan of these DC quarters

    I like these fenders also...... but burning the question is,, is it cut or not? If you use the whole fender technically you're "replacing" and not cutting. :).
  16. trekgurl

    Future Bronco gatherings may be getting really busy?

    I'm going to stir the pot,,,,,,,I was thinking,, I know, a mind is a terrible thing,, :) . With the introduction of the latest Broncos and with the popularity of the early broncos, I'm sure the current larger "events" will be get increasing more busy and full as I'm thinking the latest...
  17. trekgurl

    Help me understand the floor shifter. And how to shift.

    what they all said above,, everything mechanically needs to be adjusted correctly. As far a driving manual,, drive it and become one with the machine. hahaha...seriously don't "think" about it so hard it becomes awkward. "feel" for the sweet spot" in your foot and hand, and "listen" to the...
  18. trekgurl

    16" factory option Bronco steel wheels and tire options

    yeah,, wouldn't be mine if I didn't do something bat sh-t crazy too it :-), I was thinking of a hood made from scratch :rolleyes:, the same way lol,,, or wait until I get my on board air system done, :)
  19. trekgurl

    16" factory option Bronco steel wheels and tire options

    interesting,,, so searching 255/85R16 tires, its saying its a diameter of 33.1", section width of 10.0", wheel diameter of 16". circumference is 103.8" 610 revolutions per mile. approved to be mounted on 6.5-8" wide wheels. You got a 3.5 SL. so that means your 2 inches taller at the seat...
  20. trekgurl

    16" factory option Bronco steel wheels and tire options

    I saw Ford Man ‘s setup sometime in the past and I liked the skinny look. So, I went with a Cragar Wheel, Soft 8, Steel, Black, 16 in. x 7 in., 5 x 5.5 in. Bolt Circle, 4 in. Backspace. I did the same 2.5SL, but I did a 1” BL.. Same tire Size Diameter Width Tread Depth Tread Rim...