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  1. trekgurl

    Future Bronco gatherings may be getting really busy?

    I'm going to stir the pot,,,,,,,I was thinking,, I know, a mind is a terrible thing,, :) . With the introduction of the latest Broncos and with the popularity of the early broncos, I'm sure the current larger "events" will be get increasing more busy and full as I'm thinking the latest...
  2. trekgurl

    Uncut, Cut, ?? We need to come up with another category?

    Or has somebody already thought up something? Saw this I I saw this EB last week and we really need to come up with another category because technically this EB is not “cut”. This is a Bronco in a box as the only original sheet metal is the hood and the doors. This is great look.
  3. trekgurl

    Bronco in a box question.

    I have a friend that's doing a bronco in box and and he's been mocking up pieces and I spied this feature on the drivers side floor board I'm not familiar with? I've not seen this "ridge offset, right angle bracket" before? Its not on my 69 or any other EB that I've seen. Maybe something...
  4. trekgurl

    Stirring the pot on Fuel mileage.

    Okay, I know I'm gonna lose more friends, but my list is getting short anyway.... In another forum there was a discussion on the Blueprint 306 stroker and Proflo 4 and there was the usual chatter about melting tires and off-ing various cars and I poked the elephant in the room. The one that...
  5. trekgurl

    driving few mins ago losing Power steering fluid

    So was driving around and noticed when I stopped for breakfast some "fluid" running down the drivers side floorboard and I immediately thought the MC was leaking. Got out and searched the best I could ( I didn't have a light) note to self get adamn light. Looked all over couldn't the source...
  6. trekgurl

    Super Celebration April 2020 - Townsend River Breeze Hotel

    I was reserving my room for Super Celebration and I was wondering if anyone had stayed here before? Any thoughts or comments? I was also wondering about parking for trailers?
  7. trekgurl

    Impromtu Bronco meet n Greet Sunday February 3rd Raleigh Durham Area

    So I'm bored, ;D wondering if anyone will be out driving around (like me) tomorrow? The weather is supposed to be great (low 60's and sunny)and I just cannot pass up days like this to not be out. (2) requirements have a bronco and drive it. If we get 5 people on board we'll chose a place...
  8. trekgurl

    hauling my bronco on a trailer

    I'm trying to get back to setting up my trailer. My friend who was helping me passed away so I don't have any knowledgeable source to ask anymore so I was hoping to get some input here? Are the "horrible freight" ratchet straps ok? if not where do I need to get them and I want good stuff...
  9. trekgurl

    Another alternative idea for a top?

    So, I've had this idea for a while and I kept getting grief about my "plywood" top ;D so I decided to come up with a non wood solution. Now this thing is just about complete and what better place to get feedback as this board has some of the most enthusiastic and brutally honest people about...
  10. trekgurl

    test fit the EGA last night, Semper Fi!

    Been thinking about this for a while and finally got my idea from paper to reality(still not quite finished). Thanks to The Metal Man and Dreadnought Rod Shop. Steel on steel...Ooorah !! May have to call formation and play Semper Fidelis..... ;D
  11. trekgurl

    LUBRs wheeling - Lets see your pics

    I saw a few pics of LUBRs wheeling and I've been contemplating that very idea. Not just gravel road pics, I'd like to see technical stuff. I know they have limitations with articulation and clearance but just want to hear thoughts on what works and what doesn't. I know rock guards are must...
  12. trekgurl

    "Creepy Van lady" lives....

    got my trailer today,, last post,,,,, ;D I was just about to give up and finally found me a van after about several years of looking. 2013 Ford, E-250 super duty, 5.4L, a blank slate,,, Gonna make me a camping , fishing, bug out, sin bin, drag around my Bronco vehicle. I may have to live in...
  13. trekgurl

    Bronco Trivia - guess when, where, and more

    so I happen to be perusing my inner wild child days and came upon this little beauty. Ok boys n girls put down shot glasses and put your thinking caps on (or what's left of it;D) and lets take a little trip,,,,,,tell me where and when? I don't wanna give any clues as yet,, but thinking I got...
  14. trekgurl

    Trekgurl finally saw another Bronco Durham NC

    Driving home from work (in my bronco) and spied a bronco at the auto parts store,, and naturally the laws of physics for Broncos are,, they are mysteriously drawn together so I whipped around and parked next to it and went in the store. That's the thing about bronco owners ,,can be total...
  15. trekgurl

    Is that a bronco?

    I was in Graham, NC for a car show yesterday morning and was at Biscutville waiting on a friend. Had a lot of people asking me about my bronco,, (seem to be more car /truck people up there) than where I am. Anyway long story short a car pulled in (about 30 yards away) and two young boys got...
  16. trekgurl

    Saturday June 4th, 10a-3p, US Car Tool, Graham, NC

    Honestly I'm not trying to advertise here, but if your out and about close to Graham NC and wanna kill a few hours ride on by their open house at US Car Tool. I don't have any idea who'll be there or what cars or trucks (I'll be there with my bronco) and mooch some food I hope ;D. These guys...
  17. trekgurl

    rear output shaft or that ujoint close to it.

    so this past Monday I had appt over in Carrboro, NC and on the way back I decided to go through Chapel Hill. Right down on Franklin street something started raising hell and I wasn’t sure what it was but sounded like something in the drivetrain or transfer case. Just had turned 3500 miles...
  18. trekgurl

    I was the Bronco on US 264, Wilson, NC yesterday morning.

    On the chance you might be on this board,,,, You were asking me about my bronco at the light and you said you have two broncos. I asked if you were on this board, but I don't think you heard me. I'm down that way a lot fishing, working on Broncos in near Greenville and little Washington...
  19. trekgurl

    Raleigh-Durham area riding around?

    Hey,, hope everyone had a safe and good Thanksgiving. The weather has been way to good not be out riding around so just checking and seeing if anybody else in the local area is out riding, wheeling or tinkering? I was out yesterday and saw everything but another bronco :-(...
  20. trekgurl

    stereo,,,, bomb diddley dang,,,,,,

    Well I been throwing money and parts at my bronco and some of it's starting to stick;D. I've had one of those retro fit stereo's(stock look) in the dash but no speakers. People were getting tired of me singin %) so had a guy put some speakers in for me. He asked me what I wanted and I said " I...