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  1. blubuckaroo

    Radiator hoses for a 5.0 and reverse flow radiator

    I'm using a Bronco "reverse flow" radiator on my '62 Ranchero project. I figured, it's a good fit for the Ranchero and the weld ins & brackets are available. So, now I need the hoses. I see that WH has them, but my concern is that I've mounted my radiator centered on the core support. This...
  2. blubuckaroo

    Gas tank dimensions

    Could someone get the dimensions of this stock type gas tank for me? https://tomsoffroad.com/parts/66-76-ford-bronco-rear-main-fuel-tank
  3. blubuckaroo

    I saw my first 2021/2022.

    I met with a new on yesterday on a two lane. We all had the wave right. I don't know what the year model is, since the next year models come out late Oct/Nov.
  4. blubuckaroo

    How to remove the ignition switch without a key?

    I own the car, have the title, and even have a paper clip. But I don't have the key. I'm repainting it, so I need to remove the ignition switch. What do I do?
  5. blubuckaroo

    Getting ignition switch out without a key?

    I own the car. I have the title. I have no key. Yes, I have a paper clip, but no key. I want to get the car painted, I don't want to mask the switch. How do I get rid of the switch?
  6. blubuckaroo

    Retro Sound or Classic Car Stereo

    Retro Sound or Classic Car Stereo? Which is better?
  7. blubuckaroo

    What kind of primer?

    I'm having to strip the bed on my Ranchero. It will need priming, but I'm confused about all the primers I see. Self etching, sanding, epoxy, and automotive primer. Also, I'm not equipped for spraying big stuff and will likely be using aerosol cans.
  8. blubuckaroo

    Exhaust size

    What size dual exhaust tubes are recommended for a 351W, 351C, or 347 with a maximum horsepower around 6000 RPM?
  9. blubuckaroo

    In tank fuel injection pump domensions.

    I'm planning on using an in tank fuel injection pump for my project. I can't find the dimension of the pump assembly that protrudes above the tank from any of the manufacturers. From where I stand, this is the most important dimension to be sure the assembly will fit. Am I missing something...
  10. blubuckaroo

    What's a high-flow thermostat?

    Someone recommended that I use a "high flow" thermostat. Just what is that? Do I need one? I checked at Summit, Jegs, and Speedway, and they look light a regular thermostat. Some are the barrel type and some are the typical disc type.
  11. blubuckaroo

    I've developed a timing issue...What am I missing here?

    My '77/302 Duraspark died on me the other day. Had to tow it home. The culprit turned out to be a broken wire on the distributor pick-up coil. I fixed that pretty easily. When I started the engine, it would idle for a few seconds, pop out of the exhaust... idle, pop... idle, pop. I...
  12. blubuckaroo

    Blu got used in a Veterans parade!

    My 102 year old Father-in-Law was asked to be in the Sawdust Jubilee parade in Riddle Oregon this last weekend. The temperature was over 100, and marching him was out of the question, so we used the Bronco. My JB Fab twin sticks really came in handy. I was able to use low range and first gear...
  13. blubuckaroo

    Why is somebody's dirty rear end is in my Bronco!

    I had planned to use this Maverick 8" in my '62 Ranchero, but I was afraid it wouldn't hold up to my motor upgrade. It's going into a 51 Ford Custom Club Coupe. I'm really excited to see it go to a great project!
  14. blubuckaroo

    Spare tire carrier latch

    Lately, I've had the spare tire swing out after hitting a good bump. It's a pretty good surprise when it happens on the freeway. Fortunately, the tether kept it from swinging out into the next lane. :o Is it because the latch is worn out? I've been looking at the replacements, but they look...
  15. blubuckaroo

    Pro Form valve cover baffles

    If anyone has a set of these Pro Form valve covers, I'd like to see if the baffle type. Some cast valve covers have just a bent metal shield rather than a real baffle like on the factory type steel valve covers...
  16. blubuckaroo

    Non Ethanol fuel

    Hallelujah! Our local supermarket put in a "Blue" hose at the fuel station. It's the hose for non-ethanol. Now I won't have to drive to the marina to get real gas for my power equipment. It seems to make the Bronco happy too. It doesn't have that funky suction cup on the nozzle.
  17. blubuckaroo

    How do I dry out a gas tank?

    I was getting fuel odor and some seepage from the aux tank. It was coming from the top of the tank, so it had to come out for a leak check. I capped everything off, added compressed air and dunked it into a kids wading pool to look for bubbles. While doing this, the rubber ball I was using to...
  18. blubuckaroo

    Serpentine kit

    I'm putting together a Blueprint 347. It came with the timing cover for the standard rotation water pump. I'm looking for a kit to install serpentine belts on it. It will have power steering, but no A/C. The billet and chrome isn't important to me. Black would be fine.
  19. blubuckaroo

    Dakota Digital gauge panel functionality

    I was wondering about the experiences from Bronco owners who have installed a Dakota Digital VHX gauge panel. Is the panel easy to see day and night? Any problems with installation/calibration? Quality of the product? I'm looking at a Dakota Digital gauge package for my '62 Falcon project.
  20. blubuckaroo

    Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 EFI

    How is the hood clearance on a Bronco using the Edelbrock Pro-Flo EFI system? I'm considering this setup for my "62 Ranchero project. If it fits the tight hood on a Bronco, It should have no problem with my Ranchero...