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  1. broncodude7

    Bronco Tow Vehicle

    Neither, I like the late '99 to ‘03 Superduty with the 7.3L Powerstroke. I currently own a Late ’99 for the past 10 year and put over 308k and still counting running all over the country. Towing over 25K GVWR at times and still running strong, plus I do haul the Bronco to and from the trails...
  2. broncodude7

    Noisy ZF

    I have a ZF6 in the Superduty its simulator to the ZF5. It can be a fairly noisy transmission compared to the most of the older style truck transmissions from the '70. Unless you lugged the engine in a low RPM range which will cause a noisy transmission or at least it’s more noticeable due to...
  3. Needs a Name

    Needs a Name

  4. Need a Name

    Need a Name

  5. broncodude7

    Oil Stains/Concrete

    Oil Eater, This stuff works great! I use this at work working around aircraft that leak from time to time on the parking ramp. It may leave a dark spot but will eat all the oil left on the pavement. Let it sit on the stain for a few hours and wash away. Word of caution; only mix and use that...
  6. broncodude7

    You know you drive an Early Bronco when?

    Or when a young cop pulls you over for not wearing a seat belt. But its a lap belt Officer.
  7. broncodude7

    problems using the search feature on this site

    I know I was having the same trouble. Until you mention the * trick after the word or item being searched. Maybe install a quick note or added short cuts to the search page to help out the Newbies. I think that would help out a lot. Instead of chasing our tails half of the time. ;D
  8. broncodude7

    What rear springs do you like?

    I'm currently running the WH 4.5" 11 leaves, there great for trails getting more flex out of them too.
  9. broncodude7

    Are Dana 30 fronts ok?

    I've abused the piss out of my D30 and it’s held up over 10 year after rebuilding it to go into a '84 Ranger pick-up. (Engine Died in the Ranger after the 3rd rebuilt.) Now it’s back up a Bronco until I rebuild the D44 for the '73. All I had into the D30 is a Detroit Truetrac, and Tom's disk...