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  1. 22213evl

    2010 NM Bronco Meet & Greet

    that sounds like a good time maybe we can set it up at the M+G.
  2. 22213evl

    2010 NM Bronco Meet & Greet

    HEY OLD HENS we have less that a month to get this thing together, lets get going!!!!!!!
  3. 22213evl

    LA 77 Bronco on Craigslist

    well lets see they can't talk right, and they price the stuff 10 grand less than what it's worth. at least they don't make it hard to spot the scam.
  4. 22213evl

    Cut my perfect dash pad-edit rear half of cage done

    that goes without saying.;D;D
  5. 22213evl

    2010 NM Bronco Meet & Greet

    I am looking forward to this years meet an greet seems to always be a good time, I will invite the fullsize guys again this year they also have a great bunch of bronco owners. NMgearguy welcome aboard jemez ain't that far from Albuq. plan on making a trip over here I think we have decided on...
  6. 22213evl

    What have you done to your Bronco today?

    painted pipe bumpers black (again )
  7. 22213evl

    KY C-4 from 68 Mustang

    that is not a bronco part.
  8. 22213evl

    rock rig setup?

    c-6 is a stronger 3 spd. make sure fire hasn't weakend the frame.
  9. 22213evl

    franken bumper horns and other gripes

    blue tip wrench would of made that job alot smpler
  10. 22213evl

    Keep side tank or not?

    I'll keep that in mind if I plan to wheel to africa. ya know they make metal 5 gal gas cans that are air tight and PORTABLE.
  11. 22213evl

    MO sound legit?

    so Bax is scaming parts off his daughters truck? should be a big fight down florida way soon. :-X:o%)
  12. 22213evl

    What would it look like if...

    sorry but I'm a big fan of the black flares, and black top. gets you into the whole YES my truck is the musclecar of the 4x4 world feeling.
  13. 22213evl

    CARB Wich Carb

    what are your plans for the truck, street/rocks if it's mostly street then motorcraft makes a good carb, if your going to be hitting some aggressive trails folks have been using the holley ta carbs with some good success.
  14. 22213evl

    What have you done to your Bronco today?

    got all the wires back up under the dash, and rearanged soms other wires. then drove it down to moms house to give her flowers and a card. she came out and said the truck looked nice. gotta love mom, keeps giving back even on mothers day.
  15. 22213evl

    Newby Questions

    see in that last pic ( no fuel caps sticking out the side,) the only year I'ts like that sweet smooth lines yes we all love our paticular years but the 77 is the best.
  16. 22213evl

    Surprised/depressed after flare installation.....

    placemant of the flares is a matter of owners choice, if you don;t loe where the siy, move them I held mine up and had people take a look at them for about a week before I finaly installed.
  17. 22213evl

    Dont Laugh Gas Tank question

    77 has 14 in the main and 7 something in aux.
  18. 22213evl

    talk to me about outer rockers

    cut the rockers off, see Madgyver tech article on removing the rocker panels.
  19. 22213evl

    Anyone know how to......

    make them for next to nothing. makes a good place to put grab handles too/
  20. 22213evl

    Running better w/o vacuum hooked to distributor?

    try this http://classicbroncos.com/forums/showthread.php?t=158487&highlight=carb