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    early bronco solenoid

    Original bronco solenoid. Power coming in on left hand side with multiple attachments to the large post. Small "S" post with green wire with red stripe connected. Small "I" post with brown wire connected. Right large post with cable running to starter. Powered post has 12 V at all times...
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    ignition switch central post power

    Can someone confirm whether or not the central post in an original bronco ignition switch/pigtail is switched power on for run and crank or just run only. I am assuming since the black wire green stripe is the accessory wire hooked to that post that it will also be powered with the key in the...
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    Sniper switch power wire

    I know this has been bounced around in various other posts. I just want to make sure as possible next step. Vintage air installation is complete. Found a switched wire under the dash that is only powered in the run position, no power on crank and working fine for VA. Now onto Sniper EFI...
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    fuel filler hose frustration

    I have too many projects going on at one time. Parts arriving left and right. Wifes 79 trans am big projects. Just got my fathers twin 63 impala SS 409/425 down from Maine where they were sitting for more than a year and trying to get them cleaned up and running good. Full interior renovation of...
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    Vintage Air in 351W

    I have taken the plunge to AC for the 67 bronco. As I get older and fatter I guess I am less tolerant of the North Carolina coastal heat and humidity. My wife assures me my days of driving topless no longer impresses the babes and my bald head gets sun burned!!! A few questions, observations...
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    Hydroboost braking system. TBP?

    1967 with drum brakes power booster and time to convert to disc brakes all around. Wife not happy with occ grabbing of drum brakes and with 8 year old twins in the car needs to be as safe as possible. I use TBP for most parts sourcing but have spread orders to BC, graveyard, WH with equal...
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    experience with slider hardtop windows

    Any experience with slider windows for the hardtops, good or bad? How secure do they lock? Not that getting into an EB is hard for anyone with any amount of skill or knowledge, but don't want to have a lot of money invested in a daily driver and make it any easier for criminals. Thanks
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    moonroof for EB

    anyone have any experience or know of any installations of a moonroof into the hardtop of an EB? have an old sunroof that is falling to pieces and trying to come up with options to fill the defect. Certainly having new steel welded in is an option then would have to get it repainted, etc which...
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    New hardtop chrome trim

    Does anyone know any vendors that have the chrome trim for the hardtop side windows It seems most have the front windshield, rear lift gate, and some with the window frame trim that was always hard to find I am planning on switching out all of the glass in the hardtop with slotted seals and...
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    New Interior Knobs

    Working on restoring the interior of my Bronco Bought the billet knobs for the choke, throttle, lights, etc No problem getting the old plastic knobs off that have the allen screw Some of the knobs do not have allen screws, such as most of the cable ones, such as choke, throttle, lights...
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    Rivnuts / Nutserts for hard top

    As fall approaches I again dread having to load the hardtop back on the bronco. Fighting with all those nuts/bolts is a pain in the a@$. Because of my rear quarter panels from Bronco Hut with speakers, upholstery, etc, it adds a lot of work to this project to take everything down and then...
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    Intake manifold bolt torque recs

    1973 351w from a galaxie 500 and to my best knowledge no changes to intake manifold Still has ford logo on the intake manifold in front of carb base Recommendations for tightening the intake manifold screws in foot lbs would be greatly appreciated Have not tightened the bolts since acquiring...
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    Amp alternator and fuel pump whine

    Need help Installed a new stereo, speakers, amplifier, etc and did so in stages to check sound quality, wiring issues/shorts, etc Using good speakers and speaker wires, but budget HUD and amp First installed HUD, wired directly to battery to positive and negative terminals, put in a toggle...
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    Door hinge removal problem

    Changing door hinges to stainless removable hinges. Drivers side went fine, except for one of the screws inside the door had twisted off by PO. Had to use a sawsall to cut off the remaining screw in the door, and despite masking the area of the hinge around, did lose some paint on the door...
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    Radio power and battery drain! HELP!!!

    Help Electrical is probably one of my weaker areas New marine radio out of the box. no amp installed yet. Adding parts step by step to make sure everything is working Wiring directly to battery; yellow constant power for memory directly to the battery with in line fuse and negative back to...
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    New Edelbrock Carb

    Finally bit the bullet and bought a new Edelbrock 600 cdm performer quad for the 351w. Goodbye to the carter AFB performer 750 cdm. What a difference!!! I knew the Carter was not tuned right, and even if it was tuned perfect was not a great match for the 351w Engine now runs great; no...
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    New Speaker Pods installed

    New speaker pods from bronco hut finally got installed Left gloss black for now; may Line-X to match the rest of the body, but probably am going to upholstery them to match the new seat covers I am going to have to have made Velcroed in to start and amazed at how solid it is with a horizontal...
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    Best way to now if one wire alternator is working

    Just installed a new one wire alternator and I think it is working. However I would hate to be going down the road, or in the target parking lot and have a dead bronco because the battery was not charging. Really embarrassing. Is there any way to check? The alt gauge does not work with the one...
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    Looks great but please run again

    My tweaking the 351w engine on my 1967 bronco has grown into a major project The engine had at least two different color paints plus lots of areas where the paint had burnt off/wore off The engine bay had at least 4 colors, teal, orange, red, black, plus bare areas Should have taken a...
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    Upgrading pulleys?

    I am in the process of upgrading my 1967 ford bronco with a 1973 351w engine in it. I have pulled the PS pump and brackets, as well as the alternator and brackets. Water pump gasket does have some leaks even before removing the brackets which obviously will make it worse. So obviously the...