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    AX15 reverse light wiring

    Hi all I am replacing my C4 on my 73 and replacing it with an AX15 and I am trying to figure out how to wire the reverse lights. I see the 4 wire plug on the fire wall where the automatic NSS goes So my questions are: 1. Do I connect the reverse light to that harness with a Black w/red wires ...
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    GT40 heads and valve springs

    Hi guys I am installing GT40 heads on a non-roller 80s block with a hydraulic lifters and flat tappet cam. I am using the stamped steel rocker arms that came on the GT40 heads. My question is what push rod will work and do I have to change the valve springs? Thanks
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    Electric fuel pump questions ?

    Hi Guys I am in need of some advice I want to replace my mechanical fuel pump and go electric. I am running dual tanks. 1. Where would I install it? 2. How would I wire it ? 3. What kind of electric fuel pump is recommended for an Edelbrock 4 barrel Thanks
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    96 Explorer 5.0 Engine swap

    Hey Guys I want to do an engine swap in my 73 to a 96 explore 5.0 and was wondering if it will bolt up to my C4 tranny and if the flex plate needs to be changed. I have already been told that my manifolds will work but I was also wondering if I needed to watch out for any thing else. Thanks for...
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    GTP-40 Heads

    Hi guys just started to build my engine for my 73 stock bronco that I got from my father in-law and I want to upgrade the heads to GTP-40 heads I am needing to know if the will fit on a stock 73 block and use the stock intake and exhaust manifold and if there are any thing you need to modify...
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    Steering Gear Box

    Hi Guys I am trying to rebuild my73 stock power steering gear box and I am not sure I got the right rebuild kit. The Nylon seal on the piston is a little to big and it is not going in at all. I was wondering if any body knew the part number of the kit or the right kit that I can get to for the...
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    Steering Gear Box

    I need to rebuild my Steering Gear Box for my stock 73 bronco with power steering. I was wondering what box came with it? Not sure if it is a Saginaw or not Please help
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    Fuel Selector Switch

    Does anybody have a picture of a fuel selector switch and how it is wired? I have a wiring diagram but I can't make sense of it. I have a main and an aux tank. It is the switch on the dash. Thanks