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    Miiermatic 175"WELDER SOLD" /Ingersoll Rand 80 gal. Compressor"KEEPING" DELETE ADD

    Miiermatic 175"WELDER SOLD" /Ingersoll Rand 80 gal. Compressor"KEEPING" DELETE ADD I have a like new Miller 175 mig with a cart and tank that has been used very little ( Not one roll of wire run thru it yet) for $750.00 firm."WELDER SOLD" I also have a 80 gallon Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor...
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    1977 Bronco Project

    I have a 77' Bronco project that I started on but We moved and expect to move again soon. I no longer have a shop to work on it so I've decided to sell her. Right now its in pieces but would be great for someone who wants to build one. I have replaced all the rear floors,wheel wells and seat...
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    Making Progress-slowly

    Here a few pics of the progress I've made the last couple months.Right now I'm replacing the body mounts on the #4 brace,they were gone- the brace was good so I just made some new mounts. I thought I would post them while I was in the house nursing my burn on my hand!!:cry: (always wear welding...
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    Stock tire Carrier from a 77'

    I have a stock tire carrier off my 77' that is in good shape,comes w/all hardware.$100.00 OBO Steve
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    How many post do you have to have to move from Jr. to Sr. and so on???What are the magic #'s if that's what it goes by??? Steve NEVER MIND I FOUND IT!!!!!
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    3/4 ton Full Width

    I did a search but didn't come up with much and this topic, may have already been beat to death but I would like to put 3/4 ton full width axles under my project 77' truck and was wondering which trucks a the best donors to get them from.I would like maybe go with Dana 70 rear and 60 up front...
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    Lord,forgive Me!!!

    I feel as if I've commited a Sin!!!:o But I gotta make room for the tires!!!;D
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    Tail Light Corners

    Are The After Market Tail Light Corner Worth Getting To Use Just The Lower Section (from Just Below The Lense Down).i Plan On Just Grafting The Lower Part On Mine,that's All That's Bad On Mine. Thanks Steve
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    Rear Wheel Wells

    I need to get some new rear wheel wells but can't decide on where to get them from.the ones at bronco grave yard look like they are two pieces put together & don't have the cut out for the factory shock mount.The one's at wild horses & tom's look one piece and have the cut out.anyone have...
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    I added some bracing today.It really helped stiffen the body up. On the drivers side I had about a 1/2 to 3/4 inch drop where the #3 brace was so I got a #3 brace & cut it and jacked up the drivers side to where the brace was level and welded it in .It took the sag out.I don't know why ford...
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    I'm getting my project bronco back from the media blaster today and I was wondering if a laquer primer would be good enough to put on it while its in my shop to keep it from flash rusting. I have alot of new panels to weld on but just wanted to spray the whole thing with primer while I'll be...
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    Which flares???

    I need to order my flares so I can do my rear CUT OUTS:D But I can't decide between warflares or duraflex flares. I know the warflares are great flares but somebody told me they don't look good with 33's.If anybody has any pics of warflares w/33's I would like to see them. On my last bronco I...
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    Body Brace ????

    I'm in the middle of replacing all my bad body panels and getting ready to sand blast the rest. On my #3 brace I noticed that on the drivers side there is about a 1/2 inch drop from the center of the rail to the side. Everything seems to be lining up ,the passenger side is level ,is this normal...
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    I've called and looked in every bone yard around and just can't find any EFI parts or systems so I thought i might start buying new stuff a little at a time(My pony won't be ready for an engine for some time )so can anyone tell me if the 5.0 cobra intake by ford Racing from jegs will work on...
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    My newest project!!!

    Well, I picked up this bucket for $500.00 and I've started tearing her down. I know she doesn't look like much but after watching Bronco bens,Taxx and Monkybiz threads I hope to have some sheet metal work going in a few weeks and onely hope i can do as good of job as they have done or are...
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    Duffs Tubular Radius Arms

    I was looking at the Duffs long travel tubulor Radius Arms and would like some input on them. I already have his drop bracket on mine but was wondering if it would be worth it to get the arms.I hate to cut off the brackets but i would if it would really benifit me to have the longer arms.What...
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    I know this dead horse has been beat alot !!! But I had my mine made up on ARB's front and rear but after reading some threads about this subject I'm back to the drawing board. I need to hear from you guys/gals running ARB's about the pro's and con's. Some people say that the air lines suck so...
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    half Cab or soft Top

    O.K. Here's my problem!! Two years ago I bought this 72 Bronco that had a full hard top on it.I always loved the half cab bronco's so I searched High and Low and found a half cab top in fairly good shape.I had it sand blasted and painted and put it on my truck and I love it, but now I have grand...
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    Which Unit-ARB/Power lock????

    O.K. I have my d-44 out and ready to take to the local 4x4 shop for a rebuild.I can't decide if I want to go with the ARB $700.00 + pump or the Power Lock $400.00. My bronco will be used for weekend driving and some mud/off-roading(No Rocks if I can help it) Do I really need the ARB or will the...