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    stock height

    Been in the family since 73 and I know this is stock.May have settled over the years.
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    Bed replacement.. fabrication shop?

    I thought about replacing my bed a few months ago and had it figured out IF I could find a decent bed in a junker I would cut it out with a torch and be sure to get the turned down lip all the way around.It would take some serious work and lots of grinding.Most metal fab shops have a grooving...
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    stock height

    Are those locking gas caps on the Bronco Bush is standing beside?If so why? His ranch is in the middle of nowhere and he owns several thousand acres???:?
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    stock height

    My stock 70 measures 20 1/4".Need a pic?
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    Lowering a bronco?

    Not even saying jap cars are good?Read some of early posts.Hey..I am an american.Yes and a veteran.Take your shibby and stick it.And your out of box posts too.Fellow.. Join the military and see what you are missing.If you dont like where I have been and what I have done..Kiss my ass..Take it...
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    Lowering a bronco?

    Gone? Good riddance....SB..Go back to Jap riceburners and get LOST!!
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    Lowering a bronco?

    90 million hondas in this country.Dont think so..Not running anyway.POS!!!!Go back to where you came from!!!
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    Lowering a bronco?

    I was born in america and fought in Vietnam so dont question me in being a citizen.Broncos were INVENTED to MUD RIDE STUPID!!!NOT ROCK CRAWL or BE STUFFED with a 351.,.GET a JEEP!!.SHIBBY?GEt A NEW LANGUAGE.Kids should should be seen and not seen like you.Go back to pirate!!!
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    Front end welded back on

    I'm in awe.That body looks to be rust free and I know the parts you are using are.I just wish I had the skill to take mine down like that and build it back up.I am happy with mine except for the kick panels.I patched them instead of replacing..Great work in progress.Keep the pics going..And the...
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    Front end welded back on

    You gonna tease us one piece at a time arent you?Looking good..Cant wait until fenders fit up.8)
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    Lowering a bronco?

    Shibby?Thinking outside the box?Must be some of that honda language you are speaking.Are we in the same country?Broncos were designed to 4 wheel thru the mud.Not rock crawl or even sand drag.Man..Get a life..As far as the hornets..That speaks for its self...%)
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    Lowering a bronco?

    When Broncos first came out..Way before the last 3 replys were born.It was considered a Crime to lift one.It was criminal to cut one so what is the harm in a little experiment in lowering one an inch or so?Keep those hacked up and jacked up POS that cant steer a straight line in a 40 acre...
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    How much can i get for this bronco?

    Bluntman is that the super clean white Bronco you are going to sell?I would ask more than 5K,More like 8-10.You put that one on ebay and set a high reserve like that I think it will sell.Run it local first,lots of Bronco nuts in Nashville and Memphis and in between...8) ;D
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    Will this PS Pump bracket work...

    I tried for a half day to make that pump and bracket work on a stock 70 302.I had one on hand and it came off of a 78 F-100.By the time you get an adjusting bracket where it will adjust you have to cut the wheel well.I also tried it on a 351 W with no luck.Not sure about the saginaw pump.But...
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    headers vs stock manifold?

    I was surprised by how good the Dynamax headers I used fit.Pass side was two piece and I was worried about that but it was no problem.It was a juggling act to mount the headers and the starter at the same time and I had to relocate the clutch spring but plugs are easy to get to and they fit...
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    ADMIN - New Hats/Polo shirts. Which logo??

    I can't vote!! I like #2 on the hat and #1 on the shirt.Both look good tho.8)
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    I've got $600 for a new paint job...what can I get?

    Bout to try painting one with a not so perfect body and after reading posts about Camo paint I have finally figured out I only need to spray paint it with OD green then get a pine top and soak it with enamel of various shades of brown and black and just whack paint in different patterns.Let it...
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    Best way to siphon gas tank

    Best way to do a contaminated tank is to pull it when you have the fuel level low enough then take it and have it boiled out.You wouldnt believe the amount of varnish buildup on a 30 year old tankand pickup screen on the sending unit.Good time to remove and clean and replace the gasket.Good for...
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    Will mustang seat covers fit EBs?

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    Lowering a bronco?

    I have wondered why Ford had the nose down look on factory stock Broncos.Yes..Thats the way a new stock one looked.Give it a try and let us know how it handles.Better or worse.If only going an inch or so by taking one spring leaf out.Cant handle any worse than some jacked up ones and may even...