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    Hood Tach Blues

    Hope this Bronco family can help me with another problem. Just got my 75 F-100 4X4 back from the body shop, new fenders, cab corners, complete paint job.. They did a nice job but my hood tach isn't working. It's an old Dixco hood tach. Of course they deny any wrongdoing, but it was working...
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    tach repair

    Anyone had a tach repaired lately? Other than the "tachman", whose price seemed outrageous, are there any other reliable repair shops for tach work? Thanks, Terry
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    radio vs. turn signals

    Anyone have problems with turn signals vs. the radio. My turn signals quit working today. Besides not working, when you flip the the turn signal lever the radio (stereo) quits. When the lever is back, like after a turn, the radio comes back on. I haven't started looking yet, just wondered if...
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    5.0 2 barrel

    Anyone else running a 5.0 roller motor with a autolite 2 barrel carb?
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    correct plug gap

    Guy's at the local shop talked me into Autolite double platinum plugs, I know should have went with just plain old plugs. Since I'm running a points ignition should these be gapped at .32, they recommend a gap of .55, seems awful wide for a basic standard ignition.
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    PCV valve

    Anyone running an "inline" PCV valve on the motor. Using the 5.0 steel valve covers I need to run an inline and was wondering what type of valve they were using. Was told that the valves are "engine specific" and want to make sure I get the right one. p.s. still working on idle problem
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    Jet Size

    This is where I'm at. Bronco will start, seems to run through the choke cycle, but once warmed up it doesn't want to idle, idle is some what irratic, up/down, then stall. Hot idle adjustment doesn't seem to help. Can adjust it to run at a very high RPM but when it is brought back down it will...
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    Got it started, try to keep it running

    I knew I'd be back on here today. Got the 5.0 started, fired right up (after yesterday's electrical problem). Seem to run OK during warm up but can't keep it running now. Seemed to idle when first started but I have to keep feathering the gas to keep it running now. Can't keep it running...
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    Bummer, 1st start is no go

    Help! I know this has probably been answered before but I looked through alot of threads with no luck. Went to start my new motor, no go. Problem is spark. When checking the coil lead to the distributor there is nothing, no spark. Tried another coil, still nothing. Where do I look? Was...
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    ignition timing

    Anyone have an idea what the timing is set on the explorer/mountaineer 5.0 motor. Thanks
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    Dana 20 question

    OK, I managed to drop this thing for the second time. This time to repair a bad seal. Trans fluid is filling my case. The manual makes it look like the gear cluster comes out with the adapter housing, mine didn't. Housing came off but the shaft and gear cluster are still on the TC. I don't...
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    Header vs. Fuel Line

    Just bolted up driver's side header and noticed that the clearance between the header collector and the fuel line is pretty slim. Anyone have a fuel line meltdown because of this? Guess I could insulate the line or maybe go with a steel line and reroute it around (lower on the side of the...
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    oil dipstick relocation

    Seems like it's one step forward, two steps back. Just bolted up some shortie headers and I see that the dip stick is going to have to be rerouted. Anyone have any suggestions. I'm sure I can make something work but would appreciate any ideas before I butcher my oil stick tube. Thanks, Tater
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    starter swap

    Just went to put my old starter in the 97 5.0. It will bolt up but the shield (transmission cover) is cut a little different leaving a large gap opening next to the starter (should have swapped housing covers). Looks like I'll be in the market for the newer starter on the 5.0. The old starter...
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    wire harness clips

    Anyone know where I could get the plastic wire harness clips that snap into the inside fenders in engine bay. Local parts guy checked all his books and couldn't find anything. Mine were all brittle and broke off. Tater
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    I'm installing a 97 5.0 into my 73. Mallory and Accel show two different distributors for the SBF. One from 62-80, the other from 81-95. What would the difference be in these two distributors other than the gear used for the roller cam. Pricing is also different, the later distributor...
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    torque converter recommendation

    What's your thoughts on a torque converter , aftermarket? NOS ? Motor is a 97 Explorer with the C4 trans, everything is pretty much stock with exception of headers. Stall speed?
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    neutral safety switch & back up lights

    Are the back up lights part of the neutral safety switch mounted on the side of the C4 or is it located at the bottom of the steering column, it's a 1973. My shop manual shows some kind of bracket mounted on the steering column with the switch located there.
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    And than there was none! Help!!

    I'm in the process of pulling my motor out of the 73 ranger. I have everything off the motor and was removing one of the trans cooling lines when it sparked against the frame??? Now the battery is still connected (so I can listen to the radio) but the key was not on (ignition). It was a small...
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    touch up paint

    Anyone know where you can get touch up paint in aerosol can for original bronco colors (1973), I'd like to touch up an engine bay. Thanks