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  1. LostInTheSouth

    Question about bronco history

    Was the bronco ever available in other countries? Oh other then Canada and the US that is?
  2. LostInTheSouth

    ADMIN - 2006 CB Calendar - Sept 19th Deadline!!!

    Hey Admin Hey I was just wondering I know it is down the road but can you ship the caledar to APO addresses I am now in germany with the Airforce I had to sell my bronco but would like a calendar. I well pay any extra changes.
  3. LostInTheSouth

    2005 CB Calendars now 1/2 price!

    One for me and a t-shirt to.
  4. LostInTheSouth

    Holley Truck Averger

    So what your saying is that is works damn good and is worth the money.
  5. LostInTheSouth

    Tubing my Bronco, Update with Pic's

    Love you bronco Tazz just one question what is the big chrome switch closes to the passenger side?
  6. LostInTheSouth

    bronco weight?

    Oh I'm sorry I thought you ment the whole truck. Sorry
  7. LostInTheSouth

    bronco weight?

    If I remeber right it is about 4000-4400 stock.
  8. LostInTheSouth


    Happy brithday old man. I am out visiting on the west coast gosh I wish i could move back. Any ways happy birthyday from Lost In The South.
  9. LostInTheSouth

    Tubing my Bronco, Update with Pic's

    Thanks for the update Tazz I loved your bronco before can't wait to see it all done should be one hell of a capable rig when your finished.
  10. LostInTheSouth

    Tubing my Bronco, Update with Pic's

    Just checking to see if there is any thing new.
  11. LostInTheSouth

    B.C. Bronco's spring rockers -- who's got them

    HEY CHUCK What are the specs oh those broncs chuck? All three look great just want to know a little more info.
  12. LostInTheSouth

    Tubing my Bronco, Update with Pic's

    What no updates. Well I wonder if Tazz made it Moab. Any how the bronco is looking sweet can't wait to see it done.
  13. LostInTheSouth

    Another 351w swap

    Hey will this oil pan work. Oil Pan
  14. LostInTheSouth

    Another 351w swap

    Ok this is what is going on I have a friend that has a 70 351w that was rebuilt less then 5000 miles ago. He is now putting in a big block in his car he wants to tried me stairght across. My question is this I need real world numbers on what it will cost me to swap my 302 for the 351w? Thanks all
  15. LostInTheSouth

    Anybody running this lift?

    No I don't have the money right now. Brand new baby can't spend any money on the bronco right now.
  16. LostInTheSouth

    Anybody running this lift?

    I did the same post about a month ago and got nothing. I guess one of us are going to have just get one that way we can spread the word.
  17. LostInTheSouth


    This is a test only a test
  18. LostInTheSouth

    Twin Stick Mass Buy ITS A GO!!!!!

    I was Joking did you not get the LOL at the end of my post.
  19. LostInTheSouth

    Twin Stick Mass Buy ITS A GO!!!!!

    This really blows waiting on this the money is burning a whole in my pocket. LOL
  20. LostInTheSouth


    Cheap lifts = stiff and no flex.