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Search results

  1. Gatesboy

    SOLD 1975 early Ford Bronco Dana 44 drum brake axle

    I'm interested. Any wriggle room on price and would you be willing to ship? Thanks!
  2. Gatesboy

    NJ Lots of Bronco Parts in NJ

    Did the Dana 44 sell? I'm interested
  3. Gatesboy

    SOLD Sold

    I'm very interested in the 44. Have no use for the 9". Pm me if you consider separating
  4. Gatesboy

    MA EB axles

    Still available?
  5. Gatesboy

    Assembled Welded Floor Section by Dynacorn

    Any updates on the floor?
  6. Gatesboy

    NY Sold

    im interested in all of it. Im down in the bronx
  7. Gatesboy

    Window Decal

    Paypal sent for 3 stickers! Thanks
  8. Gatesboy

    NY Not Mine

    https://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/cto/5432513499.html Super clean. that motor leaves a bit to be desired but a traditionalist may just love something like this.
  9. Gatesboy

    Rebirth of a 71

    Removing the front fenders has proved to be a lot of fun. The retainer clips on the back of the bolts must be stripped. I think I'm going to have to take off the front clip in one piece
  10. Gatesboy

    Rebirth of a 71

    A 4 postel is good for somethings and a two post is good for others. I like that I can get to everything on a four post but removing tires and wheels is a pain in the ass. I suggest buying both if you can afford it. I can not so I will be using my friends two post to remove the body.
  11. Gatesboy

    Rebirth of a 71

    Thank you for the heads up. This is my first resto of a Bronco. I've done some fifties cars which have a lot more body to hold them together. I can already tell there's a lot of hillbilly ingenuity into the floors. The cross brace his shot so I need to remove the body to get to it. I'm certainly...
  12. Gatesboy

    Rebirth of a 71

    Well, I played hooky from work today and did a little workand a lot of assessment. ... gonna need a pile sheet metal.
  13. Gatesboy

    Rebirth of a 71

    passenger door removal
  14. Gatesboy

    Rebirth of a 71

    front end prep
  15. Gatesboy

    Rebirth of a 71

    pulling it in outta the snow and starting the tear down.
  16. Gatesboy

    Rebirth of a 71

    3 years ago when I bought it
  17. Gatesboy

    Rebirth of a 71

    I wish I could figure out how to put pictures up?
  18. Gatesboy

    Rebirth of a 71

    Well, I've had this truck for 3 years now can finally have the money and patience to start the project.