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    Starter Amp Draws

    Well I was cleaning up my home office I came across some test sheets for a PMGR Ford starter. They were from one of my suppliers, who also has/had contracts with Ford. So not cheap junk. I thought I would continue the discussion that I had in the thread a few months ago, with an actual tag...
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    Voltage Drop Testing

    Voltage drop testing is one of the simpliest tests in the world to do, but often is over looked. Here is a detailed explanation of how to perform the test. You will need a volt meter, prefferable a digital one. The help of a friend will make testing a lot easier as well. And possibly a set of...
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    SRP Pistons

    This really isnt from me, but thought it was a great deal and maybe if one of the Vendors on here was an Authorized Dealer for SRP, you could end up with a monster deal. Here is a reprint from another post i made "I am sort involved in a car magazine, do some writing and photo work...
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    Help with a Raffle Draw

    I am helping coordinate a fundraising campaign for a local school. They rank in the bottom 3 economically of over 100 schools under our school board. The kids around the school have seen 2 large drug raids, 2 drive by shootings, one burglar killed, and an armed robbery so far this year. We are...
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    Alopek Tracking Systems

    I am now officially a distributor for Alopek Products. http://www.alopek.com/index.html Here is the V Track, for your trucks: http://www.alopek.com/vt.html Cost is $420 Canadian for the unit, then $20 a month US for monitoring fees. These units have a ton of features and are super useful for...
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    One of Transmission Super Deal

    Long story, but I have ONE new Lentech Street Bruiser AOD transmission for sale. It is basically a contra business deal, the transmission came directly from Len, so I know it has not been messed with, it is not old, it is not used, etc, etc. Here is the description for it: AOD STREET BRUISER...
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    Odyssey Battery Test

    Odyssey Battery Tests Well for several years I have recommended the Odyssey Battery line, and previously as Hawker Battery as well. I have never been a direct Dealer for them, but in 2006 we were given the opportunity to purchase them through Acme Battery in Hamilton, Ontario. Here is there...
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    This Thread Needs yuor Help

    http://classicbroncos.com/forums/showthread.php?t=119785 Just in case no one has seen this yet, be nice to see this get some legs if you know what I mean.
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    Mitsibushi OverStock Blowout

    Mitsubishi Inventory Liquidation Mitsubishi No. No. Avl. Lester No. Pic No. Comments Price M2T44781 1 17733/32 103-293 97-00 MIRAGE $115 M1T84381 2 17749 103-227C 99-03 JEEP $130ea M3T30082 1 16527 103-132 79-85 MAZDA $90 M3T30281 1 16708 103-120 81-87 MAZDA $85 M0T80081 2 17592 103-291...
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    EFI Conversions

    Couple of quick questions. I deal with several Performance Mustang shops, and they seem to produce a lot of take off EFI systems. Meaning they have stock factory intake manifolds, ECM's, etc. In a lot of cases they toss or sell the stuff cheap. So I am curious what you guys are getting charged...
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    Battery Recommendations

    Here is a rant for you. I am so done with battery companies, I think it would be insulting to used car salesman to compare the two. I have/in process of disolving my relationship with Deka. Deka manufactures the Intimidator, a battery I have recommended many times on this board. They are...
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    OE DENSO Automatic Tranny Starters

    I am going away today, but thought I would post this up before leaving. Been working a long time trying to get a good deal on Denso starters for guys with automatic transmissions. I have always offered them to you guys at $210US shipped, which is almost $100 off my regular retail. But I like one...
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    Manual Flywheel Start Sale, best price ever

    Just got word from one of my suppliers and they want to move some of these http://www.svapowerproducts.com/html/3205hdgr.html really fast. It is a small block Ford starter, for the manual flywheel. Sorry dont know the tooth count. There isnt a better starter out there for Ford. Now for pricing...
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    SVA Customers-Pictures Needed

    This is going to be a double post but the Off Topic Post doesnt seem to be getting any response: I have been messing with my website and it is about time I started doing my Customers Rides Section. It is something I wanted to do for a over a year, and now is a good time to get started. So if...
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    My first Christmas Sale

    Here is link to a post on my website. http://www.svapowerproducts.com/html/electrical_components.html some pretty good deals I think, LOL. As always if you have any questions please call me at 1-888-214-7774 Raymond
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    My Apologies

    I have to say sorry for not being on here very much and I have missed a lot of stuff, including private messages. My shop is moving, we have been trying to do this since February. So it is taking up loads of time. I have also been playing a stupid, very addictive on line game. So if you need...
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    Garmin Street Pilot C330 mass buy interest?

    Have a chance at some Garmin Street pilots C330. They are refurbished with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. I checked a couple of search engines and they run around the $599 new range, lowest refurb'ed price I got was $399 from Amazon. If lots of people are into this, I can get them for $325...
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    Headlight Conversion Question

    Now before you all laugh about this, I haven't had a headlight burn out since high school (20+ years ago). Anyway I have but one dumb question. I currently have sealed beams, old school lights. I wanted to put halogen lights in. If I remember correctly it is just a matter of buying the lense...
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    Free Alternator Give Away-We Have a Winner

    This is kind of tricky on my part, but you will survive. I am doing my inventory right now and have a couple of CS130 ACSE Lightning Series alternators that I have had in stock for awhile. So I am going to give one away. The alternator is based on the GM CS130 series alternators. It has...
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    Jeep Christmas Carols

    I am not a poet, so these aren't great, but no too bad for a half hour effort at 6:30 in the morning. What can I say jeeps are easy to pick on> I Saw Three Jeeps I saw three jeeps come clanging by on Christmas Day, on Christmas Day. I saw three jeeps come clanging by on Christmas Day in the...