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    Rescue me!!

    Look at this!! Man should be ashamed!! Been sitting there for over 2 years and he wont sell it.I tried to buy it a year ago and he says he is going to fix it up.75 with P/S,A/T,PB and very little rust except for the tailgate.Also has a real good rear seat but I wonder about the floorboards.
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    Testing vote count.Admin??

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    Can't post pics anymore?Admin??

    Tried several times to post pics but can no longer do it.Before on the trial period it worked.Using irfanview program and noticed it changes jpg files to bmp.I am under the limit of 150kb on pics and also remember a post about not using bmp files because they are too big.Why did it work before...
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    Bronco junkyard in Ark.

    Anybody over that way around Conway?I keep hearing about a parts yard that has 30-40 Broncos in various stages of parting out.I would ride over there just to see that many in one place.Is it fact or am I hearing rumors?
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    Pics of Bronco chassis

    Somebody spent lots of time and money and wasn't me
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    One man body install

    Forgot to mention I used a frontend loader too.Worked well.
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    Another test

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    Testing links

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    Floor pan tech article?

    Right in the middle of one and yes Jeepster I am taking pics.I get tired of sending people to broncofix.Even tho that is an excellent one.Passenger side is pretty simple but drivers side is going to involve EBcable bracket redo,clutch downrod and all metal to firewall and may include floor...
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    It's Alive!!

    Took over a POs project and after removing all the wrong parts and redoing most of what he did.It cranks..New engine.So much compression it needs a 92 Mustang starter.Thanks 66Horse for the link for that.Body was undercoated so bottom is good except for floor pans.I took top off and doors and...
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    Starter problem

    High compression is too much for stock starter.Saw a post about using mustang HO one for this prob.Searched and looked for 3 hours and cant find post.Like to stick with ford parts without going gear reduction.Thanks for any help.
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    Remember to Vote!!

    We moved up a notch to 3rd.12 to get 2nd and only 115 to be in FIRST again. So lets all VOTE!!!
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    Jason Mountz Engine parts

    Anybody ever had any dealings with him?Has a web site showing all kinds of 3 bolt 2 groove pulleys and other engine parts from 60s-70s.Doesnt answer emails tho.He is in Florida.Address is ....................................http://vintage-ford-parts.com
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    86 351 W engine in AL

    Went junkyard crawling today and saw an econoline van with a 351 Windsor.Guy said he had to have 150.00 and he will pull it.Looked good,few things missing like harmonic balancer and carb and alt.Anybody around Tuscaloosa,Al looking for one of these?Let me know and I will tell location of it.It...
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    Broncos everywhere I look in AL.

    People hearing that I have one are telling me about them parked everywhere.Was out working today and saw 2 within 3 blocks.One in a driveway and one behind a house in a field.Another fellow wants to sell me one.Maybe there are more left than everyone thinks.
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    Please VOTE!!! This site is free to all of us and we need to support it.Costs nothing.Open any topic and scroll down to bottom of page and click on vote icon.Takes 10 seconds.I enjoy this board and like to see it keep going.
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    Herculiner warning..

    Not about herculiner but watch what kind of plastic roller pan you use.I bought the CHEAP one at Walmart instead of spending a buck more for the good plastic one and it disolved on me.Could have been a mess but happened right in the middle of rear bed..Be careful.Buy the one shown in the tech tip..
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    Is this a good buy?

    1974 with a 200 cid six,manual steering,3 on column.Light inside rust with some pinholes and has been painted from original color.$1500.00.Is the 200 six not sort of rare?I sent him to this website so be easy on him..
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    Back on the road again..

    Have been working on mostly mechanical problems for several months going thru brakes,engine and steering.Finally found a deal on power steering setup and got it installed and it works like a dream.First ride I take I meet a Thunderbird driving on wrong side of road in my lane so naturally I hit...
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    Things to have when owning a Bronco..

    I found I needed first a sack full of money,cooler of beer and lots and lots of friends with mechanical knowledge..Anyone like to add to the list??