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    Windshield Knobs

    Can someone out there shoot me some specs on their windshield knobs? I seem to have misplaced the originals somewhere, and I'm looking at making some custom ones. I need the length of the stud and the diameter of the collar on the knob that butts against the dash when installed. Thanks for...
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    AOD Questions

    Planning on working on the Bronco after nearly a year off...I just had to take take some time off and save some money... However, it's time to burn some more funds!;D I bought an AOD conversion kit last year so that I can hook up to a D20 transfer case. It's for an '88 or newer unit. My...
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    Body Mount ?

    I'm replacing the body mounts on my rig and I have all the bolts taken out and bushings loose except for the two that are under the seat area. Under the seat, one of the bolts came out clean, the other broke %) . I don't see an easy way of removing these suckers. The back bushings by the...
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    88-93 Aod

    Looking for an 88-93 AOD that's rebuildable. I'm looking for a complete core. Please email me if you can help me out. Thanks!
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    AOD Help?

    I'm going to some wrecking yards tomorrow to hopefully find a rebuildable AOD. I've heard that the 87' to 93's were improved over the previous years. How would I identify the difference between the earlier and later models? What exactly would I need to look out for while I'm in the yard...
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    Insurance ?'s

    I'm in the middle of a restoration/modification phase with my Bronco. Since I bought the vehicle it has not been registered or insured because of the tear down and body work. It is now nearing completion, but it will be awhile before she's actaully back on the streets and trails. My dilemma...
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    Before and After pics...

    Just thought I'd show off my ride... It has been about 16 months since I bought her and this is where she's at now. The after pic shows my son pretending to drive her. He might as well get use to it because after all of the time and money spent, it will someday be his...
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    Saginaw Pumps and F Series Boxes

    Is anyone running this setup? I have an F series steering box that is mounted to the inside of my frame and I recently bought the Saginaw pump set up from Tom's. When I went to mount the pump today, it didn't appear that this set up would work. It looks like the pump is longer and the inside...
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    F Series Power Steering Box Ratios?

    What were some of the ratios offered on these boxes? I'm looking for stock ratios. Not the ones that have been outfitted by an aftermarket kit. Are there too many to list? Thanks!
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    Steering Geometry ?

    I have a '70 Bronco that I'm doing. It has a 3 1/2" suspension lift on it. I'm going to be running 33 x 12.5 sizes tires. The power steering box was just rebuilt by West Texas Offroad (They did an outstanding job!) and it is mounted inside the frame (conversion done by a previous owner). My...
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    F-150 Power Steering Box

    Would a power steering box from a 1972 F-150 2WD truck work in our Bronco's? The box in my 1970 is from an early 60's Lincoln and is too old to be rebuilt. I found this truck that's getting parted out and was wondering if it would swap over and what would be involved.
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    Rear end lift ?

    I just got my extended brake cables for the Bronco today. Perfect timing so that I can start the lift for the rear this weekend. I believe that I have all the parts needed. I already did the front. Can any and all give me any hints, tips, or procedures for doing the back that would make it...
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    Emergency Brake Cable ?

    I'm putting a 3.5" lift on my rig and just finished the front end. I'm going to be tackling the rear tonight. My question is how to you disconnect the emergency brake cables and where do you go to get an extended one? It looks like the passenger side has enough slack to no interfer, but the...
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    Wiring/Connector ?

    My Bronco just got back from the body shop after a four month restoration on the body (pics will be coming later). The previous owner did the tear down and I'm putting the puzzle back together. He claims all of the lighting and electrical stuff worked when he disassembled it (five years ago)...
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    I'm planning on running a 33" tire on my Bronco. I know I need 15" rims with the 5 x 5 1/2" bolt pattern. However, I'm not sure if I should pony up the extra money to get a 10" width over the 8". What are the pro's and con's between the widths. I also don't know what back sizing to order...
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    Newbie Here

    I just wanted to announce my official entry onto this site. I've been snooping here for about a year. A couple of weeks ago I purchased my "first" Bronco after a three month search. She's a 1970 model that is all stock except for a power steering setup that was rigged by a previous owner...