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    c4 woes

    I had my c4 rebuilt a few years ago and it is starting to leak in a few spots. First, at the adapter to the transfer case. pulling that today. Second.....trans case to tail shaft housing.......wondering if the tail shaft has to come out to replace this gasket? And if so can it be done while...
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    forged pistons

    I'm building a 347 stroker. trying to decide on forged pistons or not. i think the warm up time for a forged piston may deter me from using them.advantages/disadvantages?
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    SOLD 76 frame, title, and glove box door

    I wanted to do a build with this but have a hard time getting back to my 73. will post pics asap
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    windsor swap

    I know this has been addressed about 3000 times. I just have a few questions. I have a '73 stock 302, c4, d20 3.55 gears, 33 in tires, 2 1/2 sl, 3bl. I intend to lower the bl the po put in after the swap and I am able to check clearances. I want to swap to a 351 Windsor and have read a ton of...