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  1. broncotime

    My take on "Stealth" Rock Bumpers

    I may be kind of dating myself here, but they had a "stealth" setup way back in the 70's called the Hickey Sidewinder Winch. They are antiques now, but made it very easy to hide everything but the fairlead. http://www.supermotors.net/registry/21979/81387-2 I like the fabrication work on the...
  2. broncotime

    another option, speaker enclosure

    I run a set of these from Crawl Tunes and love them. http://www.crawltunes.com/
  3. broncotime

    Making Bent Gent Look Easy!

    Try this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dE2vxDVZuNI
  4. broncotime

    Ron Francis wiring harness

    I installed one about 12 years ago and love it. I was able to put the fuse panel on top of the inner fender in a pelican box. Was more work to install than a prewired bronco specific harness, but gives you the flexibility to run everything the way you want. Wires are all clearly labeled and...
  5. broncotime

    lonestar early bronco club (texas)

    April 20-24, 2016. I think the Moab bronco Safari is a couple of weeks after that.
  6. broncotime

    TX 1972 Solid Trail Truck

    It has sold It is now sold. Time to start playing with the new crawler.
  7. broncotime

    Can anyone identify this part

    I think they went on the trucks from 71 thru 77. The 70 and earlier had vented gas caps. The 71 and later didn't have vented caps.
  8. broncotime

    TX 1972 Solid Trail Truck

    Hey gang I just picked up a new crawler and there is not enough room in my garage, so this one has to go. Let me know if you would like more pics and I can send them. $8,000 OBO https://dallas.craigslist.org/mdf/cto/5153692103.html
  9. broncotime

    Motor Mounts

    Just broke one of my motor mounts this weekend (along with the normal fan through the radiator result). I am looking at the Extreme Mounts that some of the vendors carry, but am hearing that they need to be modified to fit a '91 mustang HO motor (which is what I have). Anyone have any insight...
  10. broncotime

    EB clubs north DFW area?

    Just bouncing this back to the top. Come on out, everyone welcome at Bone Daddy's on Jan. 23 (see earlier post for details)
  11. broncotime

    Bronco Friendly Inspection in Dallas

    I used to get my '71 inspected at jet fast in grapevine. Now I have antique plates and don't worry about the annual inspections. Mine is not a daily driver so the antique plates work great
  12. broncotime

    EB clubs north DFW area?

    Sorry you won't be able to make it. We will try and do some weekend stuff and post it up here so we can get the word out to all. Maybe a daytime run out to Bridgeport or Gilmer?
  13. broncotime

    EB clubs north DFW area?

    Address: 8856 Spring Valley Rd, Dallas, TX 75240 I will PM you my cell number so we can touch base when we get closer to the day.
  14. broncotime

    EB clubs north DFW area?

    Just heard about this thread and figured I needed to jump in. There is a DFW bronco group that is part of the LEBC. Currently, I am the VP for the region but have been pretty swamped with a new job I started earlier this year. That being said, I am finally starting to see the light at the end...
  15. broncotime

    5th Annual Father's Day Run - Clayton OK

    This is an awesome event. Great trails AND a really nice campground on the lake. I missed this trip last year, but have been to all the others and can't wait. Just need to do some bronco mods to get ready:) For those of you with capable rigs, this is a great time to experience Clayton with a...
  16. broncotime

    spare tire question

    Big heavy tires will pull your body apart. You are much better having a tire rack that mounts to the bumper/frame and not the body. If you put a stock carrier back on, make sure the corner is solid and use the backing plates to secure it. Some EB's did not come with a swing out carrier and...
  17. broncotime

    All Ford Car Show DFW

    I was contacted by the sponsors of this event and asked to try and get some early broncos there, so...... come on out and bring your bronco! http://allfordpicnicdfw.com/ 7th ANNUAL ALL FORD PICNIC 2013 SANDY LAKE AMUSESMENT PARK Sunday MAY 19TH WWW.ALLFORDPICNICDFW.COM 10:30 – 3:00… 33 classes...
  18. broncotime

    DFW Bronco Gathering

    Bump to the top. IT'S TONIGHT!
  19. broncotime

    DFW Bronco Gathering

    There's a few of us getting together for a cold beer and some BBQ this Thursday at Bone Daddy's in Dallas. This is a Lonestar Early Bronco Club gathering, but as usual, anyone who wants to talk Bronco's is always welcome. Details: When: 4/4/13 at 6:00 (or whenever we get enough folks to grab a...