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    08' F250/350 FX4 Gray fender Flares OEM

    I have a set of FX4 fender flares that I bought to put on my super duty and never did. They were taken off a new 08 350 on the lot to put on a after market set. They are the smoke gray color. Really great shape. All you need is a few screws and some two sided body tape and you can have the...
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    Heater Box

    I need a heater box assembly, the one that goes under the dash with the blower and the heater core. I have all the new parts that goes inside I just need the plastic housing. My newly rebuilt one bit the dust when the roll cage was installed. Thanks 69sport
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    Another Calendar Poll

    Hey Guys and Gals, I finally got the rig all most done and brought it to the firehouse for some pics. Help me decide between these three for my calendar entry. Thanks alot 69sport
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    Headin to the OCBR from St.Louis

    Anyone planning on going to the round up in Hot Springs from the St. Louis area. I think I will be headin down with my 69 in tow by myself. I was looking to tag along with a group if anybody was goin. Let me know. 69sport
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    Tuffy Box and Stereo To Much Angle

    I did a search and did'nt find what I was looking for. I have a tuffy console and I am looking for a CD player. I know that the stereo will be mounted at a 66 degree angle in the box, all the big companies I have contacted say that you should not go over 30 degrees. Those of you that are...
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    2 into 1 question

    Looking to run a 2 into 1 system. 2 x 2.5" into the muffler and 3" out. With a 2" body lift is there room to cross the 3" tail pipe over the frame rail and exit it out the passenger side corner. I know there are several running this set up just wanted to know how they are getting over the...
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    Hey For all the Hydraboost experts I had a few questions. Brand new system installed along with four wheel disk set up. Bleed the brakes and the power steering. With the rig off there is a pretty firm pedal that does not go to the floor. When running the pedal goes to the floor and when I...
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    Leaks, Leaks, Leaks

    Well I have almost made it to the end of the frame up restore, all I thought I had left was to bleed the steering and the brakes. I started with the brakes just putting the fluid in and letting gravity do its thing. After a few minutes the job got alot bigger. Almost all of my connections had...
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    Quick Rad Cap Question

    Hey Guys I am trying to get things together so I can fire up my new motor for the first time on Sunday. I thought I had everything when I looked down and saw the fact that I forgot to pick up a Rad Cap for my BC's triple pass radiator. What cap can I use and what PSI would work. Does anyone...
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    Power Steering Box

    OK I got a quick question, I did the 4x2 into the 4x4 box switch. I have a box from a 79 F150 4x4 now. I am getting ready to hook up my Hydroboost set up. Can anyone tell me the size fitting I need to hook the return line to the box. I have the high pressure fitting, but the return line...
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    MSD Box

    Hey Guys I am finally starting the wiring on project 69 on Wed. Can I get some ideas on mounting the MSD box. Different locations Pro's and Con's. I have a 302 4bbl, with the MSD dizzy. I was not sure if there were to many options. I have the 6AL box if that matters. Thanks 69sport
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    Fan and Shroud Advice

    Getting close to the end of the build and need to gather the final details. I need some advice on what kind of fan to run flex or fixed pitch. 17" or 18". I am runnin a 302 well built with a BC Broncos triple pass rad. Any pros and cons of the flex over fixed. I would also like to get a...
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    Windshield Seal

    I had a quick question, I am installing my windshield hinge seal. Does it just lay in the frame track between the two hinges and the frame gets tilted back in place and secured. Its been a couple of years since I took it apart. Thanks 69sport
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    Bailie Built

    Has any one heard from Gordon or others at Bailie Built lately. I had a couple of questions about there products, but have heard back after two weeks of e-mail. I had a contact number at one time. But I have lost it by now. Any word on the spare tire carrier. I want to get a front and a...
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    Cool Bronco Coins

    Hey I was doing some surfing on the net and came acrossed these cool bronco coins from Northwest Territorial mint. I will try and attach a pic. But if it does not work go to nwtmint.com and click on automotive and scroll down. Thats where I found the 66 coins. 69sport
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    Hood Scoop And Air Cleaner Clearence ?

    Hey All I have a few questions on air cleaner clearence and cutting holes in my hood for my scoop, I don't have the carb or the air cleaner yet but the truck is going to the painter so if any cutting is needed I want to do it before paint. Specs: I am running a 302, Holley TA carb, eldelbrock...
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    Billiet Shifter Knobs

    By chance does anyone have a pic of the billiet shifter knobs installed that Duffs started carrying awhile back. I think they were displayed in a thread sometime ago on the site. They are round with the shift pattern and script on them. I wanted to see if they are more brushed billiet or more...
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    Stretching A Windshield frame

    Is it possible or has anybody done this before. I would like to add about 2" to the windshield frame to gain more visabilty. I am in the middle of a family cage install and just mounted the seats to the cage. Now when I sit in the seat your line of sight comes a few inches from the top of the...
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    nv3550 shifter boot

    I have a quick question for those of you running the nv3550 and a twin stick. What shifter boot are you using for the trans. I installed the AA nv3550 kit but it did not come with the boot. Does anyone have a part number or an idea on the one they are using. I have the boot for the twin...
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    Question about the Lecarra MK 9

    I am going to order a lecarra MK 9 El in the morning to go with my new Ididit column thats on the way. I need to dicide on the thick grip or standard. They are are the same price. Anyone have an opinion one way or the other. Thanks 69sport